Finding the perfect pair of jeans with M&S Denim Best Ever Fit

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The humble pair of jeans – such a staple in any wardrobe, and such a key player for any outfit, yet the one item of clothing above most that is the trickiest to shop for. The denim department is a minefield at times; a sea of various washes, sizes, fits, styles and brands, it is little wonder that it takes me an age to find that perfect pair of jeans despite them being my most worn item! Jeans are just a wonderful piece of clothing aren’t they? They really help aid any indecision in the morning times about what to put on. I hate to use the term ‘mum uniform’ but since having children, jeans have become such an essential. Jeans in various colours and styles yes, but jeans nonetheless. Easy to wear, durable, comfortable and can seamlessly take me from playground to party with a quick switch of top and shoes. (Ok, so I don’t go to parties anymore but you get my drift!) They are incredible adaptable so when I find a good pair of jeans I just want to hug them, and love them, cherish them forever and never take them off.

So why is shopping for them so hard! Give me a selection of t shirts, skirts, jumpers and dresses and I will happily just add them to my online basket or pick them up on my mooch round town without a second thought of whether they will be the right fit and style for me. But jeans…well, they are a completely different ball game. In one shop I need to know my waist size, in another I am asked if I am regular or long! Do I want high-waisted or slouchy, boyfriend cut or super skinny? Sometimes just looking at the rails of never-ending denim is an exhausting task in itself, and when time is tight (children and changing rooms are not a fun mix) then I just want to swoop in and pick up a pair that I know will be perfect.

This is why I am loving Marks & Spencer’s new denim collection – Best Ever Fit. M&S Denim know that every body is unique and finding the most perfect pair of jeans is important in making us feel pretty amazing! No-gape waist (hallelujah!), various authentic washes and three different fits. Reliable, good quality and a purse-friendly price tag to boot. What’s not to love?! I had never ventured to M&S before for my jeans but I went and tried on all their three new ranges and loved them all. So say hello to Ivy, Sienna and Lily.

  • –  The Ivy Skinny that works with everything
  • –  The Lily Slim with a leg-lengthening slim fit
  • –  The Sienna Straight with a flattering, versatile fit

They fitted so well, coming in short, regular and long, as well as a different shades to suit all occasions and outfits. I like to go for dark denim or black when I feel a bit more fancy and want to get dressed up, whereas I opt for lighter denim for that everyday, casual look when I know I will be on the swings with Florence and crawling on the floor with Theodore.

M&S Denim have created a real capsule collection of jeans here which I’ve found are super flattering and should ease future jeans shopping for me! I’m definitely an Ivy girl! Super-soft, skinny, high-waisted and wonderfully fitted but still with enough stretch to make me feel comfortable all day long as I bend down and up, and down again picking up various toys (and children) off the floor! I love the fact that I can now just stroll in and pick up a new pair of Ivy jeans in a different colour way or give the Sienna’s a whirl if I fancy mixing up my style a bit. I loved pairing my Ivy Skinny jeans with a sweet slogan tee (tucked in tees and jeans are my thing at the moment), this gorgeous pastel pink blazer and these golden star trainers that are practical for me running around after the kids but also keeps the outfit smart and stylish!

So tell me, do you think you are an Ivy, Sienna or maybe a Lily? What are your top tips for shopping for the perfect pair of jeans?

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This post has been sponsored by Marks & Spencer