What’s inside my hamper? Super products for baby (and parents)

As a new parent, it is sometimes a little overwhelming when it comes to knowing where to shop for clothes, toys, books, bedtime accessories and essential baby bits to make your life a little bit easier. Where do you start? Therefore I am excited to share with you some brands and products that I was kindly sent that I think all parents, and babies, would enjoy hearing about whether you have a newborn, a ready-to-wean little one or a toddler on your hands.

As we approach the big six month milestone with Theodore, our thoughts have naturally turned to that exciting (if rather messy) journey of weaning him! He is very much ready for food so I am looking forward to giving him his first tastes and textures. When it comes to thinking about meal ideas and on the go snacks, Kiddylicious is an award-winning brand that has it all covered. From 6 months old all the way up to pre-schoolers, there is a plethora of tasty food options including the first ever ready-to-eat real porridge on the baby food market, with some dairy free options too! (Website: http://bit.ly/2N7lUyO Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Li8NJg)

Now these are very clever and an absolute must if you are heading on holiday this year. Slipfree offer a collection of non-slip shoe socks ideal for the beach, pool and home, all coming in a selection of funky designs and a range of sizes. They have a firm grip sole to help prevent slips on wet and dry floors, a high tech fabric to protect feet on hot sand and rough surfaces, and you can even swim in them too! Great for the shower too and the adult versions would be ideal to pop on when doing pilates or yoga in the gym! I will definitely be popping these in my suitcase for Florence for when we go away later in the year so she can enjoy walking comfortable on the pebbly beach! (Website: http://bit.ly/2wlujY2 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2w49Esb)

Every child loves a good book at bedtime, but what if the story they were reading featured themselves as the star? The hero of the adventure? And maybe even their mummy or daddy might make an appearance too! I love how Penwizard have put the magic into story time with their personalised books featuring all your children’s favourites including Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Ben & Holly and Princess Polly. Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas or a particular occasion like encouraging potty training, there is such a fantastic selection and you get to choose everything from eye colour to hair style. Florence loves reading about her trip to see the Paw Patrol in Adventure Bay and Theodore has a book all about himself and his mummy to read and treasure! Use my special discount code MILLY20 if you place an order. (Website: http://bit.ly/2nZKbvL Instagram: http://bit.ly/2nXlSyv)

I’ve always loved putting my babies in sleeping bags when they go to bed and I find it helps keep them warm and secure without the worry of having a blanket over them. Snuz have always had a lovely range of sleeping bags available – all in different stylish designs, sizes and togs so I was really excited to see they have released a new collection which includes an integrated nappy changing zip. Amazing! SnuzPouch means you can quickly and easily change baby during the night without disturbing them too much which is great news. They are all made from 100% super soft cotton and have some gorgeous designs. I particularly love this Cloud Nine print. (Website: http://bit.ly/2wh6Kja Instagram: http://bit.ly/2wbf70H)

As parents, we are always on the hunt for new toys, puzzles and games that will engage our children and hopefully teach them something too whilst they play away. I really like the selection of educational games that Orchard Toys do – they are bright, colourful and engaging and offer timeless activities that the whole family take part in with the little ones. I also love the fact they are all designed and produced here in the UK. Florence and I have recently been having fun with a couple of new games from Orchard Toys which have really helped her counting, recognising the pairs and her memory. The dinosaur dominoes are also a firm favourite because which little girl doesn’t love dinosaurs!! (One Dog Ten Frogs: http://bit.ly/2OzNs01 Smelly Wellies: http://bit.ly/2BbTSRa Instagram: http://bit.ly/2MF63dT)

If you are ever in the area of Brentwood or Epping in Essex then you may stumble across an authentic children’s toy shop that is so hard to come by these days, decked full of delightful wooden toys, adorable clothes and classic books. Piccola also operate online to help bring these gorgeous pieces to everyone around the world and I simply love the range of pieces they sell. Classic characters such as Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and Paddington have been a big part of my children’s early childhood so far so they were both delighted with this peekaboo Peter Rabbit too. And as for the girl who I can’t get out of “princess dresses” at the moment, Florence fell in love with this sweet pink dress! If you fancy a shop then use my discount code Milly20 (Website: http://bit.ly/2nWs1Lo)

When your baby first starts to show signs that those pesky little teeth are popping through you need to prepare yourself for a long, dribbly journey! One thing I would completely recommend to new mums is stocking up on teething toys for your baby and make sure you have one on you at all times!! At the moment I think I have a few lurking in my handbag, as well as in the car and in the bottom of the buggy. They are invaluable once your little one feels the need to gnaw on anything and everything. These funky teething toys from Squidge & Pip are fantastic and Theodore is loving them. Not only do they look funky with such a contemporary style, they are also thoughtfully designed to soothe sore gums, encourage fine motor skills, stimulate the senses with the various textures and the hoop-design means you can attach it easily so they won’t get lost. They also come with their very own washable travel pouch. I think they make such a cool, new baby gift – something a little bit different that will be used and loved from birth onwards. Use my code S&PMILLY – entitles customers to £5 off (Website: http://bit.ly/2MpELIU Instagram: http://bit.ly/2MJLpZW)

Platypus Australia is a new brand to me but one that I will definitely be using more when kitting the kids out in swimwear in the future. Their collection is all about enjoying the sun and the sea safely. They offer maximum 50+UPF protection made with light, quick-drying and breathable fabric. They are ultra chlorine resistant and the boys even have a selection of eco friendly boardshorts. They cater for size from 0-14 years of age and offer so many gorgeous designs and prints. I can’t wait for Florence to wear this costume when we go away on a little beach break next month. (Website: http://bit.ly/2MK6Rhr Instagram: http://bit.ly/2BBGCpg)

If you are forever reaching for your packet of wet wipes then I urge you to have a look into Cheeky Wipes which offers an eco-friendly alternative that will save you money and be even kinder to your baby’s skin. They are super convenient and easy to use too. Hands up, I confess I am an awful wet-wipe-user and instantly reach for one when it comes to cleaning up after meal time and changing Theodore’s nappy so I was so happy to find this in the hamper as I am going to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount we use, especially as we prepare to embark on Theodore’s very messy weaning journey!! They also do reusable makeup and breast pads and a gorgeous range of soaking solutions to make your wipes, and baby, smell blissful! (Website: http://bit.ly/2LiErWY)

Happyology is probably one of the most stylish children clothing brands I’ve come across recently and I definitely got some outfits-envy as I scrolled through their fancy website. They have a timeless collection of treasured items from newborn all the way up to 7 years old. Their clothing is playful and charming with sweet, intricate detailing whilst keeping in mind a child’s lively lifestyle! As the name suggests, Happyology is a very happy place to shop and I challenge you not to smile when you spy those floral bloomers! (Website: http://bit.ly/2o1gAC6 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ByF0fI)

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