Baby Jogger City Select LUX – The Single, Double & Even Triple Pushchair!

With the imminent arrival of baby number two only a few months away now, my thoughts have obviously turned to the minefield that is – a double buggy. Side by side, one on top of the other or do I just keep my single and whack on a trusted buggy board and hope for the best? Stepping out with a toddler and newborn fills me with a little bit of dread to begin with so I need a wagon that will keep the newborn snug and happy whilst giving Florence the option to ride with us so I am not constantly chasing after her. Gulp!

So it seemed perfect timing that just as my thoughts turned to this crazy world of double-buggying, Baby Jogger release their newest, and possibly swankiest, stroller yet. The City Select LUX is a convertible pushchair that can accommodate one, two or three children and has over 20+ configurations to give you a multitude of options of how to position your offspring! Forward facing, parent facing, facing each other (I really like the idea of this). One chair, two chairs…the choice is yours. It can adapt to accommodate a range of car seats too and also has the option to add a glider board or bench seat which allows for the second or third child to hitch a ride without feeling constrained in a proper seat.

I of course have taken this pushchair for several test drives now (and yes we did put both seats on it because Florence decided teddy needed a trip to the park too) all in the interest of seeing how easy it was to manage and manoeuvre with the two seats attached. I take my reviews very seriously even if I did look a little strange walking about with a double buggy, only one child, a random teddy whilst quite obviously very pregnant!

I’ve never fancied getting a side by side double buggy because we have quite a narrow hallway so already this stroller really appealed to me as it isn’t actually that huge! Yes it is quite long once both seats are on it and it is quite sturdy to raise over curbs and bumps, but the multi-terrain wheels, super suspension and front swivel wheels does make the journey smooth and comfortable. I didn’t feel over-exerted running Florence (and teddy) up to the park whilst six months pregnant.

The other thing I love, love, LOVE about this stroller is the fact you can collapse it down without having to take the seats off first. The seats fold in half whilst on the chassis and then the pram is easily folded down as well. 30% smaller in fact that the classic City Select. Fitting it comfortably in most boot spaces shouldn’t be a problem which was another fear of mine when getting a double buggy.

The seats have four recline features and an adjustable footrest too so I can definitely confirm that both Florence and teddy were very comfortable in this stroller and the canopy has a little peep hole window at the top so you can check on your sleeping babe. I love the fact this is magnetic as well so you don’t get that aggressive rip of velcro that has been known to stir a napping baby! This pushchair has a clever brake function which can be located on handlebar which is mightily convenient rather than rooting around for it with your foot. The brake also has a deceleration feature so you can gently squeeze it whilst cruising down slopes and hills to keep control of your precious cargo. There is also a rather attractive storage compartment at the bottom of the buggy which is great but can be a little tricky to access when both seats are attached. Also this is the only storage bit this pushchair has – sadly not much room to pop one of those bags on the handlebar because of the brake. My only other niggle is the lack of colour choices. At the moment it only comes in grey and a maroon ‘port’ shade but maybe Baby Jogger will expand the colour options next year?!

I think if you are looking to expand your family then this really is the stroller that grows with you. If you are just after a single then I wouldn’t rush out to get this specific pram as there are more affordable, lighter and smaller singles out there, but if baby number two or three are on the cards then this is a dream and a great investment. I cannot wait to replace teddy with a real little person next time I take this pushchair out for a spin!

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