15 Week Pregnancy Update with Baby Number Two

I can’t quite believe I am embarking again on my pregnancy update journey here on my blog. It only feels like five minutes ago I was busy capturing my growing bump in the run up to giving birth to my little Florence. Now, 19 months on, here we are again!

I started my first pregnancy blog posts at 15 weeks last time so I figured it was a good place to start this time around. I don’t plan to keep it so formulaic this time and I am not going to focus so much on the facts, figures and numbers on the scales but just give you a general overview of how I’m feeling and what is going on with baby, plus answering any questions you leave me here or on my instagram/twitter.

So I was officially 15 weeks pregnant this weekend (hello little pear!) which means baby number 2 is due early March. My little daughter will have just turned two a few weeks before and I am really happy to have this close age gap between them. I think after Florence turned one and I stopped breastfeeding at 14 months we felt ready for another and even though I know there will be tough moments having two quite little ones, seeing them grow up and playing together will be so precious.

A few people have asked if we will be finding out the gender of the baby. No, we want to keep it a surprise again. There are so few surprises left in the world and it was honestly one of the best moments of my life finding out if we had a boy or a girl seconds after I had given birth. And of course, we have no preference what we have – just want a healthy, happy, bouncy little brother or sister for Florence.

So how have I been feeling? It is hard not compare this pregnancy with my first but the first trimester has been quite different. From around week 5 to week 11 I suffered from nausea and real exhaustion most days. It was horrible and really tough whilst still having to function every day and run around after Florence. But thankfully as soon as I hit the second trimester, everything levelled out and I am feeling a lot more like me. Tiredness is still there but I think that is just a default setting now I am a mum!

I have also got asked about my fitness regime whilst pregnant which again is very different to the first time around. I was doing boot camp up to 36 weeks pregnant last pregnancy (of course with the approval of my midwife and specialist advice from the personal trainers) and it felt amazing. I do believe keeping active not only mentally made me feel in a better place but also helped so much during labour. This time around I of course don’t have the luxury to go out every night to the gym or boot camp but I do plan to keep up with my running and light training, usually four or five times a week. I’m currently managing 5-6 mile runs and then do some token squats and lunges at the end to keep me supple and my core nice and strong. Even on those days when I feel the most lethargic I push myself to go out in the evenings once my husband is home and I feel so much better once I’ve actually started running.

I definitely feel like I am showing a bit more, a lot earlier this time around and it wont be long until I need to invest in some maternity bits – especially those sexy waist-high leggings which I lived in two winters ago! I’m really happy to be pregnant again over the Autumn and Winter so I can just snuggle me and the bump up in toasty jumpers, thick tights and floaty dresses much like this one I bought the other day from New Look. Boots are from H&M by the way.

I hope to keeps these updates nice and regular, hopefully every 2 or 3 weeks depending on how much I have to report. I personally love documenting my pregnancy journey and often look back to my posts from the first time around and remember all those little milestone moments with great fondness…except the heartburn. I did not like the heartburn!

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  1. 19th September 2017 / 12:10 am

    You look so radiant Milly!

  2. 19th September 2017 / 9:57 am

    So happy for you Milly! And love that we are essentially at the exact same stage of pregnancy, so it will be lovely to follow your journey alongside my own. xx