How I Stroll with my Baby Jogger Stroller

Strolling with my baby during the Summer months has become one of favourite things to do recently. The dynamics of taking Florence out in a pushchair has greatly shifted since she turned one at the beginning of the year; became more mobile and dropped to just one nap a day. Pushing her around was no longer just a quick-paced mission round the block to get her to sleep. Now when we step out with our stroller it is with purpose. We are going somewhere together – not always somewhere very exciting, but we can easily whittle away a whole day being out and about.

This is why strolling has become such an important activity for us as a family. Pre-baby, Rob and I always loved being outdoors, going for long country walks on a Sunday (sadly we now have the substitute the pub stop at the end with a playground stop instead!) and always tried to go to festivals and running events throughout the year. We also spent a huge amount of our free time visiting cities, particularly London, checking out the best food markets and enjoying long brunches and strolls along the Southbank. Our loves haven’t changed since having Florence and rather than hamper those adventures, she now gets to come along with us and experience adventures our the beaten track, along the city streets and even through the mud and puddles. Tackling public transport doesn’t seem quite as daunting when you have a stroller that folds up to teeny proportions and is pretty light to carry as well. As long as you have a good set of wheels with you, all the essentials packed and a positive attitude, you can go anywhere! I would also advise having a read of these fab tips compiled by Laura Hamilton, TV travel expert and active mum of two, who has teamed up with Baby Jogger and launched the ‘How I Stroll’ guide – a set of top tips for travelling with tots!

If you have read my latest review on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, you will know how much I love this stroller and how easy it makes heading to the park or over bumpy terrain – it was a lifesaver at a recent children’s 3foot festival I took Florence to! The wheel suspension ensured it was still a comfy ride for the baby as I navigated around those divots and the huge canopy was a blessing when the heavens decided to open!

I couldn’t help but nod along to all of Laura’s tips and hope you might find some helpful to, although is any new mum far from a pack of wet wipes…ever?!

1. Don’t forget to put suncream in your changing bag when you are going on your day out, the

UK weather can be unpredictable.

2. Consider investing in a portable foldup potty. They are ideal if you are walking off the beaten track and you are trying to potty train your little one.

3. If you are looking for a car seat to compliment this stroller the City Go is a good choice.

4. The glider board is great fun for your older toddler if you have a smaller one in the pushchair

5. Invest in the footmuff for the winter months as well as a raincover

6. Keep a plastic backed picnic blanket in the boot of your car. It’s great for picnics but also great to keep the boot of your car mud free if you have been off the beaten track with your City Mini GT. It drives Alex mad when I get the boot of his car dirty!

7. Buy the stroller bag to protect your stroller if you ever decide to take it on a flight

8. Always take wet wipes and water with you on a day out.

9. Consider joining the National Trust to enjoy some beautiful days out and about

10. Put seat covers on the backs of your seats in the car so if your little ones lick them with their muddy feet they don’t ruin the seats.

Much like me, Laura often takes her City Mini GT on off the beaten track adventures, such as visiting farms, as the suspension and all-terrain wheels make light work of tricky ground. I took Florence to a PYO farm the other week and a little petting zoo and both times I had the City Mini GT in tow. Even when she wasn’t sitting in it, it was so easy to wheel around one-handed whilst I tried frantically to retained her with the other free hand…not always the easiest task with a high-speed toddler.

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