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We all know that our skin is not the same day after day. It has its good days, and more often than not, it has its bad days. Somedays I have funny dry patches around my nose, other days I feel like my pores are larger than ever and my complexion seems lacklustre. With the way your skin looks and feels varying so much, it makes sense that we don’t just slather on the same product time and time again. You might buy a moisturiser designed to combat dry skin but what if half way through using it your skin is now beautifully moisturised but you’ve developed another annoying issue you want to address?

This is why I was so excited to learn about Bio-Extracts who are championing the idea of mix & match skincare. They are a British made, cruelty-free brand that offer a range of vegan face creams, organic face serums and hydrating skin boosters to give you the luxury of creating and customising your own bespoke skincare formula at home. With their funky looking syringes ready to inject a shot of goodness into your bio moisturiser, it is like having your own little laboratory in your bedroom.

The story behind the brand is quite fascinating. It all started with a mother and daughter duo, with generations of award-winning science background, embarking on a trip to Sub-Saharan Africa and observing how different tribes used plants and other natural sources to create beauty and medical treatments. They returned home set on establishing a brand that fused their love of skincare and science whilst giving everyone a customisable, skincare solution. Et voila, Bio-Extracts was born.

The premise is that you pick your natural face cream, light, normal or rich, and then select any number of the nine skin boosters to pep up your moisturiser and target the precise issue your skin is dealing with that day. Brilliant! The face creams are all created with the Multi-Lamellar System which is a system of natural ‘liquid crystals’ formulated to mimic the structure of our own skin. On application, (and here comes the science bit!) pure botanical molecules ‘lock in’ hydration, ensuring the uniform distribution of the actives crucial for skin performance. These moisturisers act as your ‘second skin’, leaving it instantly refreshed and hydrated. I picked the normal moisturiser which can be used day and night, but the light one is great during the summer months or if you have oily and problematic skin. The rich cream is designed for dry and more mature skin and is great to take with you on board if you are travelling to keep skin hydrated.

So once you have selected your most appropriate moisturiser, the fun bit can begin. The face cream can be mixed with up to four different skin boosters, so simply step in front of the mirror, decide what is going on with your skin that day and then get mixing!! The moisturiser has a press down top that dispenses the cream and then allows you to add the boosters straight onto the top, creating your very own petri dish. Bio-Extracts has a pretty-coloured syringe for almost every skin problem: Pore Minimising, Redness Relief, Lifting, Ha Hydro (super if you love your Hyaluronic Acid), Firming, Glow, Anti Oxidant, Clean to Clear and Anti Wrinkle. Each boost is super-charged with active plant molecules at exceptionally high concentrations to deliver high performance results. I have been using the Glow Boost, the Pore Minimising Boost, the Lifting Boost and the Clean to Clear Boost. The latter one has probably been the most interesting and effective to use and has a great story behind it. This one is an exfoliating boost ideal for skin renovation and performance. It is powerful yet kind so can be used during the Summer months. Whilst the mother and daughter duo were travelling they met a community in Burma who were using Thanaka, a treatment derived from wood which protects their skin from the sun, acne and skin lightening. The ladies returned home with a piece of the wood to examine more closer and soon discovered it had a close relative in Europe and the US – a willow tree. The bark of this tree is rich in a form of natural aspirin, great for protection, exfoliation and anti-inflammation. And so Clean to Clear was born!

If you are into your skincare but find yourself buying tube after pot of creams, lotions and serums to try and suit your ever-changing skincare woes then this might just be the answer you are looking for. I think the concept is great and I think the products are mightily effective and lovely to use. The background story of the brand’s creation is fascinating and I love the fact the range is natural, vegan, paraben-free and born and bred in Britain! Plus you get to feel like a real scientist mixing and concocting your very own face cream each morning.

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