Out and about with the Baby Jogger City Tour

Buggies, prams, travel systems…whatever you fancy calling them, they have been a big part of mine and Florence’s first 18 months together. Day to day I don’t tend to venture out in the car much as we luckily have an awful lot happening on our doorstep, therefore finding the right buggy in the early stages was paramount. Travel systems are great and they have, and still do, serve us wonderfully especially when I know Florence is due a sleep or I have a mountain of food shopping to pick up and I need to utilise the great storage compartments.

However, over the last few months, especially as Florence is becoming more and more active (and independent) and wants to walk everywhere, the convenience and ease of a stroller has really come into its own. Now Florence is at an age where day trips aren’t wasted on a sleeping newborn, we are finding ourselves travelling a lot more – going away for the weekend, visiting farms, the beach, popping into London and seeing family further afield and this is where a stroller has been an invaluable addition to our travelling essentials. Lugging a heavy travel system around with us and forfeiting valuable boot space is just not an option, so say hello to our new friend on four wheels. The Baby Jogger City Tour is the greatest travelling companion when you have a small human in tow and want something lightweight, portable, easy to manoeuvre and compact. So compact!

Suitable for children from 6 months to around 3 years old, the City Tour is available in three colours (black, purple and green) and has been giving us a new found freedom on some big adventures recently. So what makes it so great? Well it just makes getting around so easy as it can be folded up quickly with a simple pull of a strap and push of a button (with a bit of practice this can be mastered one-handed!) and even comes with its own rucksack so you can pack it away and carry it on your back. It qualifies as hand luggage for flying so that makes it an absolute lifesaver if you are just popping away for a few days, only wanting to take hand luggage but also need some wheels for your little one.

The seat has a five-point harness and can be reclined easily to a number of different positions if you do find yourself with a dozing baby halfway round your excursion. There is a large sun hood and extendable SPF50 sun canopy which is great if you do end up hopping on a plane and travelling to sunnier climates. The wheels are dinky and lightweight and swivel fully making cursing and manoeuvring about a lot easier. They do have some suspension on the front but I did find the stroller struggled a little on the beach and over shingle. Obviously it isn’t going to be as tough on terrain as your average travel system but Florence tended to jump straight out at the first sight of the sea so we ended up folding it up and carrying it along the beach anyway.

The real deal-breaker when it comes to this stroller is just how seamlessly it fits in with your active daily life and facilitates all adventures, great and small. Whether it is just a quick pop to the park or a more exciting trip abroad, it makes things a bit easier. From being able to fold down single-handedly, to taking up hardly any room in your car, it is such a valuable addition for our trips out and about. I love the jazzy colours too! If you fancy sprucing it up a bit it also has some handy accessories available such as a cup holder, belly bar and rain cover because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t want a bit of rain to stop play!

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    Aww Florence is adorable!!