YSL Beauté Volupté Tint-In-Balm

So YSL Beauté have added a new collection to their Volupté lipstick lineup and these new beauties have a special treat to reveal when you open the lid. First, aesthetically, it is hard not to fall in love with the new Volupté Tint-In-Balm – they look stunning housed in a silver case with the recognisable gold signature lettering wrapped around the centre. Once you’ve popped the lid off you will be greeted with a two-toned lipstick – an outer, darker colour with a contrasting kiss print running down the core.

So what are these new lipsticks all about? YSL Beauté are bringing us a dual-purpose product that delivers a sheer, glowing colour with a boost of nourishing care for the lips. So yes, a very fancy looking tinted lip balm! The outer colour is the shade that will appear on your lips but it is very sheer and muted. You definitely still get a wash of colour but it certainly isn’t as bright as it appears in the bullet, which will please some people. If you want a more vivid finish then the YSL Volupté Shine lipsticks are the next level up. The lip-shaped heart of the bullet is the lip-loving balm and is made up of apricot butters blended with passionfruit and jojoba oils. So as you apply the lipstick you impart a transparent, juicy colour with a layer of balm that keeps your lips feeling silky and nourished during the day.

Yes these lipsticks are incredibly pretty and smells amazing, like a tropical fruit salad, and are really nice to use. The quality is luxurious and the lip-print runs all the way down the bullet so you won’t be left lipless after the first few swatches. There are 12 shades in this new collection, all giving you a fresh, sheer (but clearly visible)  wash of colour and a balm-like finish on the lips. Nothing sticky or glossy, just moisturising with a nice shine. I think these are great to pop in your handbag for when you are out and about as they don’t require a mirror to apply and you can just swipe them on as you please. The balm aspect is nice but it probably wouldn’t rescue really dry or flakey lips – I think you would need to reach for something less fancy and more industrial for that, but they are lovely to wear with light makeup in the Summer and I love that fresh, juicy smell and colour to really liven up my lips. A welcome change from my neutral and matte liquid lipsticks!

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  1. 9th April 2017 / 8:54 pm

    These look gorgeous! I do love a YSL lip product…

  2. Sophie
    15th April 2017 / 1:09 am

    Oh dear, what happened?
    You at least used to show the make up on, now not so much as even a swatch?
    Can’t help but feel these are just sponsored posts churned off a conveyor belt. Sad.

    • Milly
      15th April 2017 / 7:51 pm

      I’m sorry you feel this way. i can assure you this is not sponsored and any post that has been sponsored, are declared so at the bottom. My life has changed, how much time I now have to blog has changed so my content may have changed also but I still feel happy and proud when I publish each post. I don’t have the luxury to just sit and churn blog posts out so I am sorry you think that, but I promise you this is not the case. The majority of my posts do include swatches but I have taken your comment on board.

  3. Jenni
    22nd May 2017 / 8:34 am

    Which shades are these?

    • Milly
      22nd May 2017 / 10:27 am

      Hi Jenni

      They are: No7, No8, No11, No10, No5.
      Hope that helps 🙂