Vichy Quenching Mineral & Double Glow Peel Masks

I love a good ol’ face mask and Vichy is one of those skincare brand I can always rely on to perk up my skin and give my face a good dollop of TLC. Therefore I have recently been slathering my face in the brand’s latest masks to the hit the market – three in total which all target different issues and problem-spots your skin may be having. If you fancied jumping on the multi-masking bandwagon and painting your face all different colours, then this trio will be perfect for you.

As well as the two masks I have been testing out here, there is also a Pore Purifying Clay Mask which sounds and looks really great but let me get into the nitty gritty about these two first. Firstly they come housed in a clear glass jar with a mirrored lid which would be ridiculously helpful if you were wanting to apply these masks but suddenly realised you were without a mirror (it could happen…). I love the presentation of these products – they look clean, fresh and much more expensive that their RRP of £14. First up we have the Masque Mineral Desalterant (or the Quenching Mineral Mask to you and me!). I was initially a little surprised at just how moisturising a cool, gel textured product could be – it made a pleasant change from the creamy, rich masks I am use to applying. This mask is for parched, dry and dehydrated skin and due to it cooling benefit it would be amazing on hot and irritated skin too – so one to pack in your suitcase for your Summer holiday perhaps? It is packed full of moisturising glycerin which will give lacklustre skin a real boost. Vichy advise it is best to apply this mask all over and leave for up to 10 mins before massaging in the excess. You will find though, especially if your skin is really hydrated, a lot of the product will sink into the skin and instantly give it a bounce and plumpness. If you really wanted to treat your skin you could use this overnight and the gel, smooth texture also lends itself beautifully to be used as a primer before your makeup. This is an absolutely lifesaver for dry skin.

But if it is a little radiance, luminosity and a gorgeous glow you are after then the Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask is where it is at! This mask literally sweeps away all that smog, pollution and signs of late nights and one too many cocktails. The double action exfoliation works firstly with the chemical AHAs made from fruit acids which nibble away at the dead skin cells. The second phase is all about the physical exfoliator in the gel mask comprised of volcanic rock origins. These gently buff away any dryness, dead skin cells and rough areas to reveal some seriously smooth skin! This mask dries down on the skin so I find it best to reach for a muslin or flannel, dunk in some warm water and press onto the skin to help remove it. You can definitely feel the particles on your skin as you massage the mask in but they don’t feel gritty or uncomfortable as they are so fine.  This Double Glow Peel Mask is perfect to use once or twice a week to give your face a bit of a reboot. My skin feels incredible after using this and is the perfect Sunday night antidote to sweep away any of the weekend’s excesses and help start the week feeling fresh and raring to go!

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