Origins Flower Fusion Hydrating Sheet Mask

I’ve always been a bit hesitant when it comes sheet masks. I don’t know what it is but I do like to apply the product myself onto my skin, plus I always think people look a little scary with those sheet masks on like something out of a horror film. However, there certainly isn’t anything horrific about these Flower Fusion Hydrating Masks from Origins and you know me and my love for florals. How could I say no to these beautifully presented, flower-inspired masks formulated with pure flower extracts and natural essential oils?! The gorgeous scent hits you the moment you rip open the packet.

There are six different masks, each inspired by a different flower. We have Jasmine, Lavender, Orange Flower, Raspberry Flowers, Rose and Violets. The actual masks are crafted out of 100% natural Bamboo so can be recycled which made me feel pretty good about myself as I indulged in the recommended ten minutes of pamper time whilst the mask worked its magic. I went for Orange Flower which is linked to mood elevation and feelings of happiness and positivity. I felt pretty good whilst I had this mask on but I don’t know if that was also to do with the fact I was baby-free, lying in a bath with some chocolate at arms reach! Either way, my skin did feel pretty lovely afterwards – all glowy and radiant-like! I balled up the mask and massaged the remaining oil into my face and then slapped on some moisturiser. My skin was very happy.

The Jasmine mask is great for moisturising dry skin whereas the Lavender one will soothe skin and spirit with its calming aroma. The Raspberry Flowers refreshes the skin, the Rose will give you a rosy complexion and the Violets mask is a great all-rounder – plumping, hydrating and nourishing! If you like using sheet masks and enjoy anything vaguely floral then these are a fun product to pick up! They would be perfect if you are planning a girlie night in, perhaps putting together a pamper-pack for a friend or going away for the weekend and want to indulge in a spot of skin-loving TLC – all you need is ten minutes (the chocolate and bath are optional, but highly advised!)

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