My Favourite Aveda Oils

Whenever I hear Aveda, I think oils! Yes they do an amazing range of shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers and body lotions, but I really think it is their oils that makes this brand so appealing. I have used Aveda products on my hair for years now after getting hooked on their gorgeous scent at my hairdressers. Some people won’t realise that they also offer a wide range of skincare, body care and makeup – all harnessing the brand’s expertise of pure flower and plant extracts.

There is a lineup of oils that I have been loving recently from Aveda – for hair, body and face. One has been replenished several times now, whereas the other two are recent new finds that have made their way into my every day routine. First up is the Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil which is a leave-in lifesaver on my hair. It can be used on blow-dried or damp hair and works hard at restoring the hair’s moisture levels leaving it soft, supple and shiny. My hair tends to get a bit frizzy and fly-away when I blow dry it so I like to apply a few drops to my just-washed hair which seems to keep the frizz at bay and gives me a super-soft finish. I also reach for this between hair washes to add a touch of shine to my hair do or simply give my barnet a bit of TLC by rubbing in a few drops through the ends. It instantly makes any dryness disappear and gives my hair a bit more life and lustre. A few drops go a long way so this bottle tends to last a good few months.

I have also been enjoying the Aveda Love Composition Oil which is one of the brand’s marvellous multi-tasking products. Hair, body, bath and scalp can all benefit from its sensual aroma. It smells incredible and is a all-purpose oil that can be added to your bath to create a calming, relaxing experience. alternatively it can be stroked onto damp skin to lock in he moisture or massage onto dry skin to keep it soft. Finally you can use it on your hair and scalp but in all honesty, it isn’t a patch on the Dry Remedy Oil so I stick to using this in my bath and on my skin the moment I step out the tub. Hello silky, sweet-smelling skin!

Finally one of Aveda’s newer products is the Tulasara Radiant Oleation Oil which is solely intended as a step within your skincare routine and works alongside a Facial Dry Brush which preps the skin before you apply the oil. The brush is to be used on clean, dry skin. Brushing in circular motions from décolletage to forehead for 1 minute promotes circulation and removes dull cells and dry skin. Following this, the skin is perfectly prepped for the Oleation Oil. It contains six nourishing plant oils and feels so luxurious when massaged onto the face and neck. Spend a minute working the oil into the skin and then sit back, relax, whack on some Classic FM and close your eyes for another 4 minutes to let the oil do its magic! After that time, simply cleanse off and continue with your normal skincare routine. My skin feels beautiful after using this brush and oil in my regime – it seems plumper, softer, more radiant and my makeup sits better. If you are looking for an ultra indulgent treatment for your skin then you can even sleep in this oil to really seep the skin in all that lovely goodness!

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  1. Jen
    7th April 2017 / 1:46 pm

    Definitely need to invest in some serious hair care – these sound great!
    Jen, Velvet Spring. xo