Jo Malone The Bloomsbury Set

You would be excused for not instantly recognising this bottle as a scent from Jo Malone London. Where’s the clean black lettering and crisp background? I feel Jo Malone has taken a new direction with their limited edition Spring launch, and you know what, I really like it! I like the fact the brand has taken inspiration from a moment in history that could be rather unknown to many. It makes a refreshing change and learning a little something whilst enjoying some gorgeous new fragrances seems like a good combination to me! Let me introduce you to The Bloomsbury Set.

The Bloomsbury Set were a circle of influential artists, writers and intellects who lived a free-spirited lifestyle together near Bloomsbury, London during the first half of the 20th century. They championed the importance of arts and often embarked on liberating retreats to country estates to engage in sparkling conversation and, ahem, some close relations which led to the group being renown for scandal and a multitude of love triangles. Jo Malone has sought inspiration from one of their legendary residences, Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex, translating the sights and senses that were found there into five stunning fragrances.Blue Hyacinth captures the intoxicating notes of this flower warmed by the sun whilst Garden Lilies embodies the scent of dawn at the lily pond. Whiskey & Cedarwood is an intriguing blend of malty liquor and waxy wooden floors. Tobacco & Madarin brings to life vibrant mandarin with warm elegant beeswax and sweet pipe tobacco. Finally Leather & Artemisia has a striking mixture of anise-tinged absinthe with rich leather. Even the names of these fragrances provoke such a strong image of the world these creative figures lived in. The packaging is also quite a step away from Jo Malone’s conventional offering but I love it. The bottles are painted with rough brush strokes and really embody the free spirit and uninhibited nature of The Bloomsbury Set. Definitely a collection worth giving a spritz this Spring!

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  1. 15th March 2017 / 4:21 pm

    I love the idea behind this range. The scents sound amazing!