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fullsizeoutput_2366 fullsizeoutput_2367With Christmas fast approaching, there is definitely an air of anticipation (and maybe a little stress) that has filled our household. Our first Christmas with a baby is undoubtedly very exciting but already I am mentally exhausted thinking about all the festive things I need to sort out before the big bearded man arrives on Christmas Eve! Present buying with a baby in tow, wrapping gifts with a very inquisitive baby nearby, food preparation with a baby hanging off my leg, not to mention hanging up the decorations whilst avoiding dangling any hazards near said baby! Positive resilience (and lots of tea) will be called upon but you know what, this mama has got this!

Inspired by Actimel’s very own Santa in training video below, where we see Father Christmas combat a host of challenges whilst preparing for his one big job, I have decided to share how I plan to ride out the mere task of Christmas shopping with a little one in tow whilst avoiding any tears or meltdowns, from me or the baby!

Christmas shopping singlehandedly with a ten month old in tow feels me with a little bit of dread, I won’t lie so this is what I plan to do. Make a list! I love a good list. I will write down every person I need to buy for, what I need to get and what shops I need to head to. I would probably go as far as to map out my route as well so I can ensure no time is wasted navigating back and forth from stores. I will choose my transportation wisely – with a buggy you get the joy of all that additional storage space to shove your brimming shopping bags in to save your arms from buckling but with the baby carrier you have the luxury of being handsfree and you can definitely move at a greater speed! Plus you are much more agile and don’t run the risk of bulldozing those Sunday browsers down or getting stuck in a queue waiting for the lift.

I will ensure I pick my moment to venture out into the Christmas shopping frenzy at the optimum time. Saturdays are a no go and will be avoided at all costs. I will capitalise on those early morning wakeup calls and be that early bird waiting at the shop doors at 8.58am, eagerly waving my shopping bags. That way I can be in and out and home for elevenses before the masses arrive. Failing the early morning motivation I will plan a strategic expedition around nap time so I can do a quick sweep of the shops with a content, dozing baby strapped to me.

I will always leave the house fully prepared. Lugging around my bag of tricks might seem a bit of a hindrance but when a whingy baby strikes, distraction techniques are all I have! I will shake or rattle anything in their direction – car keys seem to be the favourite ‘toy’ of the moment. Failing that, food is always the answer. A quick rice cracker will definitely buy you at least an extra five minutes whilst you hunt out that perfect gift for Uncle Fred!

But let’s be honest, failing all this I will be surfing the internet come 23rd December, making the most of those online express delivery deals and crossing my fingers that I can get them wrapped in time. So tell me, how do you plan to #staystrong this holiday season and combat all those little challenges that need sorting before you can kick back on Christmas Day with a festive film?

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  1. 6th December 2016 / 1:59 pm

    I do all my shopping in October, wrap in November and ignore the city throughout December. A*al organisation for the win ?? x