Florence: My 9 Month Baby Update

img_00019 month update
I feel like I’ve barely sat down and managed to finish a (still) hot cup of tea and suddenly I have a nine month old baby crawling around at high speed in front of me. It certainly doesn’t feel like three months ago since I was typing up Florence’s six month baby update. I know it is such a cliche and I will try not to dwell on it too much, but seriously, where does the time go?! I have all the emotions going on at the minute – so excited for the future and for seeing this little baby transition into an inquisitive little girl but equally, I ache sometimes for those newborn moments again.

Over the last three months, Florence has grown up so much. Her personality is blossoming every day and her quirky ways never fail to make us laugh. She is a real little person and is developing such strong characteristics, I can read her so well and I know exactly what may cause a reaction – whether it is shaking her head at being spoon-fed (more on our weaning journey later) or a little sob when I leave the room and she can’t see me. So lets start with the facts and figures. It has been a few weeks since I got Florence last weighed but I would estimate she is now 14lbs 8oz (ish) and still fits nicely in her 3-6 month clothes but she is definitely long and lean, so some baby grows are looking a bit snug now!

Sleep. Sleep was going well for a good 3-4 months with either a whole interrupted night’s sleep or just one wake up call for a feed around 4am-5am. Over the past few weeks however I think the dreaded nine month sleep regression has hit. Things have been a little more nocturnal in our house recently with Florence occasionally thinking it is high jinx to be awake for up to four hours in the middle of the night, playfully rolling about our bed. Thankfully I think we are over the worst of it (for now) and a more predictable routine has ensued. I am sure the fact she is trying to walk and has had two teeth popped through all makes her feel unsettled. Plus separation anxiety is at an all time high so she has needed some extra cuddles before bed. She is in her own room and still very much enjoys sleeping in a Grobag nestled in her Sleepyhead. We have upgraded the Deluxe to the Grand to give her more room to roll around. Florence loves sleeping on her front so the moment I put her down on her back she will flip over and snuggle down.

Day to day. My routine during the day hasn’t changed that much from my six month update. Florence is still on two naps a day, around 10am and 2pm. They rarely last more than 45 minutes but that is fine and they are often taken in the carrier if I am out and about, occasionally in her cot or on me because I just love the cuddles. Florence has never been the greatest napper and despite being quite an independent sleeper at night, she does like to be close to me for naps and I’m not complaining. These are the moments I will look back on and treasure and whilst I only have one child, I am going to take full advantage of catching up Eastenders (yup, guilty pleasure) whilst she snoozes on my shoulder, secretly clinging on to those newborn days!

Milestones. We have teeth! Two bottom teeth seem to have popped through literally overnight and didn’t cause her too many issues, thankfully. Lots of calpol and teething granules seem to have eased any discomfort she was experiencing. Florence started crawling around 7 and a half months I believe and we haven’t been able to catch her ever since! She has a unique crawling style but it is fast and furious and gets her from A to B in no time. Soon after she started crawling she decided this was boring and wanted to stand up and start walking ALL. THE. TIME. She now constantly pulls herself up on anything that is close by and is never happier than standing up against our coffee table, throwing all the coasters on the floor! She can walk along holding onto our hand and can hold her balance, handsfree, for a couple of seconds. We were having lots of “daddaddas” at her six month update but now the “mammammas” are in full swing and it melts my heart. She will properly hug and kiss me now and knows the word ‘clap’ and will respond by wildly smacking her hands together.

Weaning. One of the biggest milestones to happen after her six month update is weaning. Florence is on three meals a day and is becoming a more confident eater everyday. The first few months were fussy and a little disheartening but recently she has come on leaps and bounds with her food and I can now feel assured she is getting a really good meal every time we sit down. I am mainly doing baby led weaning, which I kind of fell into doing because Miss Independent does not like to be spoon fed, and in hindsight I am so happy she took this route. You know I love my baking but cooking was never a passion of mine but since we started BLW, it has made me embrace cooking a lot more. I of course want Florence to have healthy, homemade food so I now enjoy whipping up some sweetcorn fritters or banana pancakes for her and am constantly on Pinterest finding new recipes and ideas for her. It is a really exciting part of the day for me, watching her try new things and seeing her pincer grip in action as she skilfully picks up and eats her blueberries and grapes with such consideration. It is adorable. I am now probably only breastfeeding her four times a day, and not for very long at all, probably more for comfort than anything else. She still doesn’t take a bottle but I have decided to give up even trying anymore as she is more than happy to sip water from a cup and I am in no rush to stop breastfeeding yet.

Mum Update. I am feeling good, happy and healthy. I am back playing hockey now which I love and gives me a rare few hours where I can just go off and be me and have a good run around with some of my best friends. I’m not going to lie, I do feel absolutely exhausted at the end of the day and now Florence is on the go from 7am until 7pm, I do struggle to finish a hot cup of tea or get any time to catch up with mundane admin things. It is wonderful but so tiring and I am often retiring to bed by 9pm which, pre-baby, would have been unheard off!

Florence loves. Nibbling my shoulder (testing out her new teeth!), pulling herself up on anything, clinging to your leg whilst you are trying to cook/wash up, bath time, walks in the carrier, blueberries,  smiling, playing with my keys.

Florence hates. The car. The car seat. Going near the car. Getting in the car. Getting out the car. (Oh the cries). Being still for more than two seconds. Nappy changes.

I feel that these last three months have been the most momentous so far. So much growing up has happened, so many little changes have occurred and she is now a competent little eater who wants to walk and is just such a poppet to be around. She is so sweet, so cuddly, so dear. She is always ready to greet you with the biggest grin and even when she has been upset, she always tries to muster a smile. Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments – bedtime doesn’t always go to plan, sometimes all her lunch will end up mushed under her highchair and there are times I could cry when I am stuck on a car journey with a screaming baby behind me but that’s parenthood I guess, and I loving every moment.

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  1. 13th November 2016 / 6:00 pm

    So glad to hear you're feeling good and back into playing hockey. Florence is such a cutie.

    Abigail Alice x

  2. 13th November 2016 / 11:41 pm

    Oh this blog post is so sweet! I love her cute little face in those pictures. I'm glad motherhood is an adventurous one for you.