Our Bath Time Routine

When it comes to a baby’s routine it is forever changing as they grow and change over time. Nap times, the amount of feeds, the length of feeds, their bedtime, their wake up time. Despite the pattern of my days changing month on month as Florence has grown and developed there is one routine that I have managed to keep fairly consistent since she was a newborn – bath time!

Thankfully Florrie loves her bath. A real water baby (I like to think this is because she was born in water!) and bath time is a real highlight of our day. When Rob isn’t working late he races home so he can give Florence a bath which I think is a really lovely bonding experience for them both. We go to town on her baths; bubbles, yellow ducks, plastic watering cans, the whole hog! It always takes place as the last activity of the day as we start to prepare her for bedtime. As for the bath time products we use, it would seem that Florence has a bigger stash of shampoos and body moisturisers than I do and I have loved using a selection of different brands during bath time since she was born. I thought I would share with you a little insight into our bath and bedtime routine and some of her favourite products.

Around 5.30pm I start running the bath for Florence, excited to wash out that bit of banana I found in her hair earlier and to see her splashing about in the water. We use this bath mat and seat from Mothercare which is ideal for your little one once they can sit up unaided and also tells you if the water is too hot. I like to add a good squirt of the Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight Bath or the Mum & Me Baby Bath Snuffles to create some generous bubbles and fill the room with a lovely aroma. The Sleep Tight Bath is made with lavender so it very comforting and sleep-inducing whilst the Baby Bath Snuffles contains a menthol fragrance to comfort little noses. Both are fab and I think the bubbles and the scent really help her enjoy the experience and prepare her for bed.

Time to wash her hair and body. For this job I have been using a multitude of different products depending on my mood/whichever is closer for me to reach! Florence suffered from a bit of cradle cap when she was newborn and every now and again it still comes back. I love the Mum & Me Baby Shampoo as it is really gentle on her scalp but softens and relieves the dryness, thanks to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It leaves her hair and head smelling just beautiful…ah that lovely post-bath baby smell! There are also two combination products I have been lathering up for Florence to wash hair and body at the same time; the Petit Pai Apple & Mallow Blossom Hair & Body Wash and the Kiehl’s Gentle Hair & Body Wash. I was so excited to see two of my favourite skincare brands branching out and formulating baby skin products and its reassuring to know that your baby’s sensitive skin is being cared for. The Petit Pai Hair and Body Wash is gorgeous – obviously it is free of parabens and all those nasties and has a lovely gentle formula that cleanses and nourishes that beautiful delicate skin. The Kiehl’s Hair and Body Wash is mild, tear-free and has a lovely light and soothing scent. Suitable for sensitive skin, it foams up nicely and leaves baby clean from top to toe.

After one more pour of the water can and a final wash in-between her toes, Florence is ready to be wrapped up warm in her hooded towel and carried upstairs for some baby lotion, a little massage and book before her final feed and bed. This sounds rather peaceful and dreamy but in reality it consists of Florence rolling around on own bed, kicking off her nappy, trying to put the tube of lotion in her mouth whilst I try to wrestle her into her baby grow! I like to moisture her skin before popping her PJs on and we have been using a few creams recently. The Petit Pai Apple and Mallow Blossom Face and Body Cream is lightweight and nourishing on delicate skin and I like the fact you can use it on the face too as Florrie sometimes gets a sore nose or a little redness under her chin. The Organic Babies Dry Skin Baby Lotion is the perfect cream to use if you want to give your little one a little massage. It contains aloe vera, cocoa and Shea butter and is soothing and scent-free. It can also be used as a nappy cream so is a useful two-in-one product to have at hand if travelling with baby.

Baby lip balm? Who knew?! I was certainly surprised when I received this product from Kiehl’s but it is actually quite handy. Florence doesn’t suffer from dry lips per se but sometimes can get a little red and irritated around her mouth so this is a lovely option to use…so nice that I might have to borrow it for myself if I am ever short of lip balm!

Finally you can always rely on Neal’s Yard Remedies to come up with some fab, skin-loving products for mum and your little one and their baby range is just lovely. They have everything you can imagine from baby powder to shampoo and soap and will leave your bundle of joy smelling divine as you get them ready for sweet dreams. I have been particularly loving the organic baby lotion, rich in lavender and sunflower oil, the baby balm, perfect for face, body or bottom, and the pure baby oil which sinks in easily to baby’s skin and makes them even more kissable and scrummy than they were before the bath.

Skin moisturised, baby grow on (finally!), book read and Grobag zipped up. It is now time to snuggle down for one of my favourite times of the day – Florence’s final feed before bed. It is a special moment in my day. After a day filled with noisy play, peekaboo games, mushed up banana, umpteen nappy changes, one play date, a bit of sick on my shoulder, one tired-baby-meltdown and several untouched cold cups of tea it is finally just us two in the stillness of the darkened bedroom. I cradle this little person and however many times I have done this now, it still feels so so special. And all I can think about is how excited I am to do it all again tomorrow!

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  1. 25th September 2016 / 2:56 pm

    I love you sharing these little slices of your life with us.

    I honestly had no idea that Pai did skin care for babies, I know where I'll be going now when I have one!

    Thanks for sharing!