Retouching with Bobbi Brown

“I created these products to make skin look retouched – naturally.” – Bobbi Brown

Retouched, perfect skin without appearing heavily-ladened with product is the ultimate dream, right?! I am all about a flawless base. Regardless of whether I do anything else with my makeup, I really enjoy prepping and finishing my skin to look even, healthy, glowing and perfected. But all to often it is easy to get carried away and after two layers or foundation and umpteen applications of concealer, I am feeling anything but fresh and natural. This is why I am loving Bobbi Brown’s new Retouching Franchise which aims to give you retouched skin without the need of heavy duty makeup or an instagram filter!

The Retouching Face Pencils are the epitome of multitasking. They are designed to favourite features and retouch imperfections. They come in nine skin tone shades and one illuminating shade and have the creamiest formula to glide over your skin. These pencils can literally be used to do anything depending on what shade you pick! If you stick to your own skin tone shade then the pencils are great at covering redness or imperfections, before or after foundation. Choose a pencil a shade or two lighter than your natural colouring and they can help erase sun spots or brighten dark, recessed areas such as the inner corners of your eyes or around the nose. The highlighting pencil is brilliant at adding luminosity and brightness to cheek and brow bones. I was nervous that these pencils would feel a bit too firm and tough on my skin but the consistency is smooth and creamy enough to draw straight onto your face, but the precise pencil tip allows you to pinpoint the exact area/s you need to cover or conceal. This means you don’t end up covering your whole face with foundation or concealer unnecessarily and leaving you with a heavy base. The coverage is great and really gives you a flawless finish.

The Retouching Powders accompany these pencils and gives the complexion a refined, retouched finish yet is completely undetectable. They are available in five shades to best suit your complexion – white, pink, rose, yellow and peach. The finely milled powder can be easily swept over your complexion to brighten and even your skin out, but wont leave you feel too matte or powdery. It is a lovely, light powder to help give you a instant, airbrushed look.

The Retouching Face Pencils are available in ten shades (£22) and the Retouching Powders are available in five shades to suit your complexion (£27). Both out now on counters and online.

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*this post contains samples gifted for review purposes

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