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The Lola James Harper story is rather a lovely one. A group of friends, artists and family have all joined together to share their love of the creative world through a variety of eclectic outlets. They write and play music together, take photos, print tee shirts, make films and document their trips and travels through a range of fragrances and candles. These scents have been inspired by places they have visited and people they have met around the globe. In their own words, ” This is all about places and people we love, about fragrances and pics we cherish…about what makes us feel good…”

Many of the photos and influences come from Paris (where Rami Mekdach, the brand’s founder is from) and West-Coast America. Their photography from these places conjure up a laid-back image of wanderlust; travelling free along the open road. Hands in the air. Crystal blue sparkling pools. Sunsets and leafy palms. I adore the idea of each fragrance being inspired by a place, experience or person they’ve met such as The Vinyl Store Rue des Dames, The Red Garden at Tata & Jeddo, The Guitare Shop on Denmark Street or The First Morning of Spring. It creates a romanticised image of travelling around the world, enjoying coffee, listening to old vinyls, walking in the rain and generally, being inspired.

This stylish brand not only delivers some stunning fragrances, to spritz or ignite, but wraps it all up in some gorgeous looking packaging. I love the fact that the scents and the packaging remains quite unisex and is simple in colour and design, nothing detracting away from the inspiration behind the fragrance. I have recently been spritzing No.2 The Music Studio on Trufo Street which is a music recording studio in Paris where they all worked on their albums. It is filled with oak beams and oriental percussion instruments, giving us a blend of cashmere, rose and musk.

The candle, No. 7 The Rainy Days in the Lake District has been inspired by this evergreen land with its menacing grey sky and huge open fields. It is the ideal place to nest away for a few days, watch the rain lash down outside whilst you cosy up and write a novel, or song lyrics in their case. This candle is a fresh, comforting combination of Myrrh, Labdanum and Ylang. It is the perfect candle to light on a cold, miserable English afternoon in Autumn!

The complete Lola James Harper fragrance and candle range is available from Selfridges, starting at £34.

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*this post contains samples gifted for review purposes

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  1. 30th July 2016 / 2:34 pm

    I love the story behind this brand – a PR's dream! It would be my dream to create my own products, perhaps one day I'll pluck up the courage to do it! Great post, as always x