toTs by smarTrike Infinity Changing Bag


toTs by smarTrike Infinity Purple Changing Bag (£64.99)

toTs by smarTrike Joy Bunny Comforter (£9.99)

toTs by smarTrike Joy Bunny Hodded Towel (£14.99)

Gone are the days when I use to crush over the latest Mulberry bag (ok ok, I still find myself browsing their site during those 3am night feeds) but now my attention has turned to bags for the baby and who knew the world of changing bags was such a hot market?? Never did I imagine I would be getting excited over a holdall to carry spare nappies and wet wipes around in…but ever since Florence has arrived, crushing over the latest changing bag is my new thing!

My latest love comes from toTs, an innovative and chic category from the award-winning brand smarTrike. Their range of premium changing bags really caught my eye, mainly because they weren’t your standard, sling-it-over-your-soulder type bag but were a rucksack style that can also be worn on one shoulder or attached to your pram. This bag is ideal if, like me, you are a real mum-about-town who is always popping out and about with your babe and pushchair and need something that will be easy to carry. Now I haven’t worn a rucksack since I was a fresh-faced year 7 at high school but I hear they are quite the fashion accessory now…so this makes me a cool mum, yes?

The Infinity Purple Changing Bag is much like your very own Mary Poppins bag! The space, zips and hidden compartments are never-ending and it is ideal for popping in everything you need for you and your little one if heading out for a whole day out, away from home. I feel it is very stylish and oh so practical. It also transitions nicely into a bag all for yourself and perfectly holds a laptop and camera in, ideal if I want to pop out and do some work child-free! The quilted fabric of the Infinity Bag has a water repellent coating so is a top choice when faced with an English summer ahead of us and comes with an additional pouch bag, a padded changing mat, a thermal bottle holder, pushchair straps and insulated pockets either side to store your milk bottles. It literally has everything you could wish for from a changing bag and I love the fact it is so comfortable to wear as a rucksack, leaving me handsfree to push or carry little Florence around.

As well as their fab range of changing bags, toTs by smarTrike also have an excellent range of other adorable baby goodies from swaddle blankets, large muslin cloths, cot bedding to hooded towels and comforters. Now who doesn’t love wrapping their sweet baby up in a warm, soft towel straight after a bath and with the toTs’ Joy Bunny Hodded Towel, they can look even more precious in the process. I love using this towel with Florence – it is made from 100% soft natural velour cotton so I know she is warm and cosy after splashing around in her bath. Another one of Florence’s favourite possessions at the moment is her bunny comforter and her new friend, named Roberta the Rabbit, loves to comes everywhere with us. She is so soft to the touch and Florence loves clinging onto her, mouthing at her cuddly nose, staring at her bright polka dots and holding onto her fiercely as she sleeps. I can see Roberta fast becoming one of those items were daren’t leave the house without otherwise there may be tears, and I should probably stock up on a backup Roberta should original Roberta decide to hop off somewhere we can’t find her…!

I am so impressed with the whole baby range from toTs by smarTrike and their lovely collection would make ideal baby gifts for you or someone you know who is expecting a little one soon.

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*this post has been kindly sponsored by toTs by smarTrike

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