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I cannot believe that next month we are going to be making the big transition and moving little Florence into her own room. In an ideal world I would love to keep her in with us so I could continue to hear her little warm breaths next to me and be so close at hand if and when she needs feeding during the night, but sadly our bedroom just won’t accommodate a large cot bed. The SnuzPod has been one of my top baby products over the past five months and it has been an absolute joy to have Florence sleeping safely right next to me in her bed but sadly she has almost outgrown it now and is definitely ready to move into a larger cot.

When we moved into our house when I was eight months pregnant, we purposely held off decorating Florence’s nursery as we knew she would be in with us to begin with, but now as the time is approaching to transition her to her own room I have started thinking about some nursery inspiration. I have always loved a neutral-themed nursery and would never opt for a predominately pink or blue decor. My inspiration for Florence’s room is a palette of cream and grey with a hint of mint to give it a playful, childlike touch. I love the idea of adding some soft furnishings such as a sheepskin rug and fluffy, cloud cushions (are they not just the cutest?!) and on the wall I really want to hang up some Winnie the Pooh framed quotes as we both grew up reading the A.A. Milne books and I love the imagery and beautiful quotes.

The biggest interior decision was finding the perfect cot for our little one. We wanted to get a cot bed so it could grow with her, transitioning from a cot to a toddler bed, making the journey a little bit easier for her. The Boori Provence Cot Bed is probably one of the most stunning cots I have ever seen and fits in perfectly with the classic, cream decor I have in mind. What’s more, it converts from a cot bed to a toddler bed and then if you buy the additional conversion kit, it can be made into a double bed and child’s sofa. So clever!

I am quite looking forward to being able to use Florence’s Grobags as well once she moves into her cot as they are much safer than having a blanket over her should she wiggle and move about during the night. I just know she is going to look heartbreakingly tiny and small when we pop her in the cot for the first time but I hope she slowly becomes use to it and enjoy her new found space. If anyone has any tips for handling the transition into their own room then please leave me a comment below. I would also love to hear your own personal nursery style and what cot or cot bed you bought for your little one.

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  1. 28th June 2016 / 10:05 pm

    Definitely get the RAR rocking chair it's perfect in my son's nursery, comfortable, functional and timeless and really suits the minimalist style we've gone for in his room . It was quite difficult deciding which nursery chair to go with but we settled on that and the Eames elephant and it is absolutely stunning, and he loves them both as you can see here

  2. 29th June 2016 / 8:39 am

    I love neutral nurseries they are so chic yet still warming and welcoming, a great look that you won't get sick off in a years time! 🙂

    Can't wait to see it.

  3. 29th June 2016 / 8:44 am

    I went bright and colourful with my son's nursery! Bright yellow walls with a huge Ingela Arrhenius print framed as pride of place.

    I co-slept with my little one until he was 7 months and then gradually transitioned him into his cot. So, for the first few weeks he would spend the first 3 hours in his cot but then come into bed with me after his first wake-up which was about 1am. Then after a few more weeks, I would do this but then also take him back to his cot after his second wake-up which was about 5am. So the night was effectively split into 3 stages. Then gradually I just closed the gap and then voila, he was sleeping in his own bed.

    A lot of people told me that I was making a rod for my own back by co-sleeping with him for so many months and that I would never get him to sleep by himself but that turned out not to be true. I found it a fairly easy transition because I did it gradually.

    Good luck!

  4. 30th June 2016 / 4:36 am

    I started by putting Seren in her cot and Grobag for nap time for a few days before the transition and then just went for it. It's very tough at first as I kept wanting to check on her but you do sleep so much better!!. We have the Rialto Mamas and Papas cot bed in ivory – it's been fab.