Joolz Day Studio Stroller Review


The Joolz Day Studio Stroller* | available online and in Mothercare and Mamas & Papas

When it came to looking for a pushchair for my baby, the brand Joolz, with its extensive collection of stylish pushchairs and buggies, wasn’t on my radar at all. As a fairly new baby buggy and accessories company, founded in 2004, this Dutch brand is fast becoming a household name when it comes to picking the right wheels for your little one and I, for one, love what they do! From their positive life ethos, ergonomic products, reusable packaging and innovative design, I am really happy and proud to be pushing around one of their gorgeous prams. I mean, they even plant a tree on your baby’s birthday in their Columbian Birth Forest to help fight climate change and deforestation. How great is that?!

Any parent-to-be will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a baby-transporter from Joolz – it took me ages to read up and assess each model and collection before choosing the stunning Joolz Day Stroller in Gris – a range inspired by a romantic stroll down a Parisian boulevard. So chic and oh la la! Visually, this stroller is a dream and the design is very striking, sophisticated and perfect for city life walking. The interior lining of the cot and and seat is quilted and the leatherette handle and bumper bar features a double stitched design. The system includes the carry cot for babies up to six months and then the seat for six months plus which can be front or parent-facing and is high enough up for your little one to join you at the table if you are out for dinner. The carry cot has a ventilated canopy which I really like so during those hot, sunny walks my little one can still get plenty of fresh air whilst still being snug in her carrier. Once you’ve mastered collapsing the base then it is so quick and easy to do and it stays upright once you’ve folded it in half so is handy for new mums who may still be recovering from birth/a cesarean and finding bending over very uncomfortable. But I think the real deal-clinchers for me was the four-wheel suspension, one handed manoeuvrability and the bumper bar which can be personalised! I tried, tested and pushed quite a few buggies around department stores in the few months leading up to Florence’s birth and I have to say I have never felt a stroller feel so secure and bouncy as the Joolz does. Whether you are walking in woods, grassy fields, cobbled streets or up and down pavements, this stroller seems to just absorb every bump and obstacle which is ideal when you have a newborn that is quite a light sleeper. It is so nice and easy to push around especially as the whole unit feels light and streamline enough to manoeuvre with one hand. Brilliant when trying to get in and out of shop doors or slurping on your coffee. Finally, that bumper bar is easily opened and closed with one hand so you can get the buggy ready to go whilst still holding your baby but the best part is that you can customise your own bumper bar. With sixteen colours and your choice of text, it is a lovely little way to make your stroller feel unique and add a bit of your baby’s character to their pram.

As you would imagine, their is also a multitude of added extras you can plump for to give your wheels that extra bit of pizazz such as a parasol, foot muff, sun hood, XL shopping bag and, maybe most importantly for sleep-deprived mums, a cup holder for your extra large Starbucks! One of the first things I ordered once my Joolz stroller arrived.

I would love to know if you have or are considering getting a Joolz pram and what your thoughts are? I think they are the perfect choice if you are planning on doing lots of bumpy, off road walking with your baby and want something that looks modern, sophisticated with a bespoke touch of personalisation for your little one.

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