Cosatto Ooba Duck Egg 3-1 Travel System


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PicMonkey Collage

The Ooba Duck Egg 3-1 Travel System* from Cosatto (£750)

The Hold 0+ Duck Egg Car Seat* from Cosatto (£145)

When I started this blog six years ago I never envisaged I would find myself getting excited about a pushchair…let alone reviewing it amongst a plethora of lipstick and perfume features. But here I am swooning over a four-wheeled, baby-transporting piece of beauty and it certainly makes me a proud mama stepping out with my little one wrapped up and sleeping tight in my Cosatto Ooba pushchair.

I think one of the biggest investments that comes with a newborn is the new set of wheels. You obviously want to get value for money but something that will fit in well with your day to day life and personal style. The reason I fell in love with the Cosatto range of prams, pushchairs, car seats and travel systems (yep, they do them all!) is the fact that every piece carries a bit of personality. If you love fun colours, bright patterns and sturdy British design then you will definitely find something you love here. Since we tentatively ventured out on our first walk outdoors when Florence was just five days old, we have both been loving using the Cosatto Ooba 3-1 Travel System in Duck Egg and certainly clock a few approving looks every time we walk into town.

So what makes this travel system so good? Well firstly, it looks fab. Of course, aesthetics aren’t everything but I did want a pram to be proud of and one that would make me smile every time I push Florence around. The luxury leatherette trim, white accent frame and wheels and that crazy kaleidoscope interior all makes this a really fun, unique pushchair. That colourful pattern has kept Florence transfixed during our strolls around the park and just long enough for mum to grab a quick chai tea latte on the way home. Ok, so the white wheels won’t stay white for very long but the fact they quickly and easily click on and off means you can hose them down whenever you want. The folding chassis is wonderfully simple and light to collapse and put up again making it small enough to store away at home or pop in the boot of your car for day trips out. The infant carrier for babies up to six months has a removable, washable lining and mattress and can also be used as an occasional infant sleeping cot if you were staying away from home and were short of space.

Another great point to mention about this travel system is the handy, adjustable, two-way handlebar which means that once your babe is in the six months +  seat you can easily change the pram from parent-facing to forward-facing mode by simply releasing the handlebar up and over the seat and away you go. The aluminium chassis and swivel-ly wheels supply you with all round suspension which is great if you need to venture cross-country (but just watch those precious white wheels!). Both seats come with toy loops on the hood which we have found invaluable to hang some little toys for Florence to help keep her entertained during our outings. The travel system also comes with a matching, and rather nice, changing bag to match your pram, a reversible cosy-toes for the six month + seat and patterned rain covers to keep your little one warm and dry. The chassis also supports the Hold 0+ Duck Egg Car Seat (sold separately) so if you are just going for a short walk you can move your little one from car to wheels without having to wake them and move them into the infant carrier. This car seat matches the fun, stylish look of the travel system and we have been using it for all our car adventures so far. It is squidgy yet sturdy so Florence looks comfortable yet really secure once she is all strapped in with the padded shoulder straps, head-hugger, tummy pad and seat liner. Like the travel system, it also comes with a coordinating rain cover to show the British weather who’s boss!

As you can probably gage, there isn’t much I don’t love about the Ooba Travel System from Cosatto. Ok, so the basket at the bottom could be a little more roomy (or maybe I should just learn to buy less!) and mounting high pavements can be a bit tricky meaning you have to pop your foot on the back of the basket to give the pram some leverage. But luckily because it is so lightweight, this isn’t much of an issue. And finally the click buttons on the infant carrier to release the hood are quite tough to press in and make quite a loud ‘clunk’ noise when you do which can startle a sleeping babe. So my advice would be just leave the hood up even if you’ve made it home and your newborn is still snoozing. Other than that though it has been a dream using this pram and I think the design, colours and unique features really sets it apart and brightens up my afternoon walks every day!

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  1. 13th April 2016 / 6:25 pm

    Amazing photos.

  2. 14th April 2016 / 12:39 pm

    Love duck egg blue, Milly you and baby look amazing I've been following you since the beginning and love the growth and how your blog evolved. I've been blogging since last year due in part to bloggers like you whom inspired me xx

  3. 30th April 2016 / 9:41 am

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