Clarins Energy, Repair & Detox Boosters


Clarins Boosters for the Skin* £30 | available very soon online

I am really really excited about this new launch from Clarins as they set to reinvent the art of skincare by giving us three turbo charged formulations to boost the skin. You may recognise the design of these small but mighty bottles as they are very similar in look and function as the amazing Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster that transforms your moisturiser to a self-tan with just a few drops. These new skin boosters work on the same premise. With 3-5 drops added to your moisturiser, face mask or foundation they offer you the perfect, made-to-measure beauty solution to combat fatigued, weakened or congested skin.

Booster Energy is an energised, caring solution for fatigued skin. This highly concentrated formula contains ginseng extract, a legendary Chinese medicinal plant known for its stimulating properties, which tones and re-energises skin. It helps combat signs of fatigue and revives radiance so is perfect to remedy those late nights and long haul travels where skin looks and feels a tad lacklustre.

Booster Repair is a caring solution for weakened skin. The ultra-concentrated formula contains mimosa tenuiflora extract, known for its repairing properties, so reduces feelings of discomfort and redness. This would therefore be a must-have for your travel bag as it can help ease the effects of sunburn, extreme climates and hard, salt or chlorinated water.

Booster Detox is your answer for congested skin. The highly enriched formula contains green coffee extract, a plant from tropical Africa high in caffeine and known for its detoxifying properties. This booster helps detoxify and purify the skin to revive radiance and plump the skin so it an essential following some heavy partying, overindulgence or extreme pollution.

I simply love the idea of bespoke skincare to fit with your own skin’s needs which might change on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With these fab boosters you can chop and change your type of skincare to fit in with whatever life throws at you – the late night party, the nine hour flight, the sleepless night or the salty sea water from your holidays. Which booster is your skin crying out for at the moment?

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