My 28 Week Bump Update

“Your baby’s eyes are now partially open and those tiny eyelids are able to blink. Your baby is able to recognise different levels of light from inside the womb and their little body is getting chubbier as fat is depositing under the wrinkled skin. Baby weighs 2.22lbs and is nearly 15 inches in length – the size of a papaya.”

How far along: 28 weeks

Days until due date: 84 days

My bump: The bump is definitely there now and I feel huge already – slightly concerned I still have possibly  12 weeks to go!

Weight changes: Pre-pregnancy = 8stone 4lbs. Today = 9stone 2lbs (+12lbs).

Stretch marks? Nothing yet.

Cravings: Since I’ve started drinking orange juice again to take with my prescribed iron tablets (vitamin C aids the absorption) I have become quite addicted to my glass of cold, sweet juice every morning and it always seems to get baby wriggling too!

Sleep: Sleeping really well still. I tend to head to bed at 11pm and will sleep soundly until 7am.

Symptoms: I think I am suffering a bit from the dreaded heartburn. Having never experienced it before it took me a while to realise what was going on but after I eat or do exercise, which involves a lot of bending over, I feel this horrible tightness and burning sensation in my chest. It is horrible and makes eating whole meals even harder than it was before. Will be speaking to my midwife next week about the best things to do and take to ease the pain.

Best moment this week: Over the past two weeks since my week 26 update I have really started to feel my baby move. The flutters were always there but could be a few days apart and were barely noticeable. I was a little concerned as everyone was asking if I was feeling the kicks yet but after speaking to my midwife I felt reassured that every pregnancy is different and you can’t keep comparing yourself with what you think is the norm. Literally a few days after my 26 week appointment the kicks, rolls, prods and pokes came in thick and fast. It is a wonderful feeling and I feel so connected with my baby now. Even Rob has managed to witness to crazy alien-like movements as my tummy shifts and changes shape which is a lovely thing to share with him.

Worst moment this week: Heartburn and being prescribed iron tablets as I have very low iron levels. I just hope I can boost this up in time for my blood test next week. I have been living off lots of green juices and hearty iron-rich soups recently which hopefully will have had some effect.

Miss anything? Playing hockey. I went to watch my team play a match at the weekend and I was just edging to get on the pitch. I hope to be able to squeeze a few games in at the end of the season after baby has arrives

Maternity clothes: I haven’t bought anything new recently – still living in my maternity leggings and jeans from H&M and lots of chunky knits and cardigans as the weather gets chillier.

Movement: I feel really intune now to my baby’s sleep pattern and when I can expect the kicks and prods to begin.

Gender: Unknown and we aren’t going to find out either. I think there are so few genuine surprises left in life I couldn’t think of anything better than letting this baby be one of them. I plan for Rob to be the one who reveals to me what we’ve had (if he can see through the tears!) – a little girl or a little boy.

Belly button in/out: In but flat – ever so slightly protuding when I tense my stomach muscles. I think it will definitely pop out soon…

Wedding Rings on/off: On and loose (no swelliing yet!)

Mood: Feeling a bit anxious that after such an easy first and second trimester, this third trimester might hit me hard. I am being positive but am already feeling I need to slow down a little which I hate! I am someone who is always on the go and I find it hard to sit still and just relax. I am still running and going to my boot camp classes most nights which I love so much and really hope to continue for as long as possible. I plan to just take each day as it comes.

Looking forward to: Heading out to a fireworks party this Saturday with friends.

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  1. 10th November 2015 / 9:25 am

    Aww Milly, your bump is so tiny and cute… don't worry about getting huge, you probably never will!

    I suffered really bad heartburn when I was pregnant too, although it's different for everyone I swore by ginger biscuits and milk to help ease it.

    Tor xx