Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection



Kors Gold Collection – White Luminous Gold, 24K Brilliant Gold & Rose Radiant
Gold (from £33.50) | from Boots

luxurious and glamorous. These are the three words that Michael Kors himself
believes best describes the new Gold fragrance collection released last month.
This next chapter in the MK fragrance story has been specifically created to
reflect the opulence and luxury of the high prized metal – from white, rose and
24K gold. There is something undeniably luxe and glamorous about gold, from
lustrous fabrics, gilded jewellery to sun-kissed skin, and Michael Kors
believes these qualities fully embody the Michael Kors woman.

The three
distinctive fragrances are joined together by their luxe, shiny metallic
packaging but are all quite different when it comes to scent – offering a
fragrance for every occasion, mood and personal aesthetic.

White Luminous Gold fragrance is sparkling and sensuous. It combines an intoxicating
burst of pear, jasmine and amber in a bright and exotic signature.

The 24K
Brilliant Gold fragrance is feminine and seductive. It offers a shimmering
scent of orange mandarin, voluptuous florals and a rousing spark of woodiness.

the Rose Radiant Gold fragrance is tantalising and hypnotic. It entices you
with a sparkling spice, textured with a charming femininity of rich florals and
soft musks.

gilded, sculpted bottles are striking in their appearance with their sleek,
mirrored exterior and modern look. I love this trio of fragrances and think
they look ridiculously fancy placed on my beauty table ready to spritzed as
that final finishing touch to an outfit, much like adding your favourite gold
necklace or pair of earrings to complete your look. I think my favourite is
White Luminous Gold for the daytime as it feels light and fresh on the skin,
but for an evening time scent, I have found myself reaching for Rose Radiant
Gold because of its rich woody/spicy notes and musky finish.

gold scent has caught your eye?

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  1. 30th October 2015 / 11:01 am

    This looks so pretty! xx