Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer


Defend eyelids from unfriendly skies with Benefit’s Air Patrol* (£21.50) | available online and on Benefit Cosmetics counters nationwide

With its novelty packaging and catchy name, the new Air Patrol eyelid primer from Benefit Cosmetics certainly catches your eye and begs the question, “What exactly does it do?”. Well, what doesn’t it do more to the point! This twist up BB cream is specifically designed for the eye area and has a multitude of benefits
– it protects the delicate eye area from pollutants, sun and smoke with its SPF20 formula and shea extract
– it calms and soothes irritated eyes
– it relieves dryness and hydrates
– it preps and primes the eyelid and locks on eyeshadow
– it colour corrects to create a flawless, even base

The cushion calm applicator tip was inspired by gel foam mattresses and pillows and is softer than your pinkie when applying the cream. The smart twist up bottom just requires one click per eye and delivers the perfect amount whether you wish to prep, prime, relieve dryness or cancel out any redness for a bare but beautiful eye look.

The consistency is quite loose but creamy and is very cooling on contact with the skin. You can either use your finger to dab and apply the BB cream or gently massage it in straight from the cushion calm applicator itself. With so many purposes from just one little product, it is a little confusing to know exactly how to view the new Air Patrol BB cream and whether you really need it? Well I think it is best to see it as a regular eye primer with added skincare benefits. I love that it primes your eyelids for when you are planning on wearing eyeshadow but is also tinted in colour so evens out redness for a fresh, clean eyelid look for those non-eyeshadow days. When I used this as a primer it really worked well at prepping the eye, locking on the powder or pigment and definitely enhanced the colour and made it last longer without any creasing or drying. If you are after a new eye primer and like products similar to MAC’s Soft Ochre Paint Pot that primes and colour-corrects then this could be a great new product or you, but if you are after something purely to soothe irritated or dry eyes then I don’t think this is the best option on the market.

Have you tried Air Patrol yet? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. 25th October 2015 / 10:57 am

    I've been trying this out for a while now and do really like it. I find sometimes the applicator doesn't smooth the product out completely so sometimes have to go in with my ring finger to blend certain areas of it out. Great idea and concept! xo