Foreo Luna Facial Cleansing Brush


Foreo LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush & Anti-Ageing Device* (£145) | available online

The Foreo Luna. You have probably seen this unique and oddly-shaped device popping up on beauty blogs and in magazines left, right and centre, but what exactly is it? Stemming for the inventive Swedish brand Foreo, the Luna is a silicone facial cleanser with a sonic pulse technology to clean skin and pores in the most hygienic and effective way to date. Facial cleansing gadgets have really saturated the market over the past two or three years but whereas some people swear by them, others can find the synthetic brushes and oscillating motion all a bit too abrasive for their skin. 

This is where the new Foreo Luna really trumps the rest as it is not only exceeding gentle and effective, with its rounded silicone nubs, but boosts a hygiene factor that no Clarisonic could rival as no bacteria is harboured on the device. The silicone gadget can simply be rinsed with warm water and a little soap after each cleansing session rather than having the hassle of replacing your brush head every month or so. And one charge equals over 450 uses. It is easy to increase and decrease vibration speeds and it also has an anti-ageing mode as well to help optimise the benefits of anti-ageing and hydrating creams. Available in pink (sensitive/normal), blue (combination) or white (ultra-sensitive) the Luna is ergonomically designed to fit neatly in your hand and even more neatly into your beauty regime. 

Simply use this morning and night for 1-2 minutes alongside your normal everyday cleanser. Apply your cleanser, wet the Luna and switch it on – moving the pulsating device over your face, spending 15 seconds on each area. At first it feels a bit weird, the sensation all a bit odd but afterwards your skin feels genuinely glowing, cleansed, smoothed and makeup-free. The vibrating silicone nodules almost wiggle the dirt away from your skin whilst giving you a rather lovely facial massage at the same time. It also holds it charge for absolutely ages so is a great option for skincare on the go when you are travelling and trying to pack light – no need to lug all those wires, plugs and adapters with you! If you find the Clarisonic (and other oscillating brushes) all a bit too harsh and ineffective then I definitely recommend giving the Foreo Luna range a whirl – this little silicone system will fit seamlessly into your skincare regime.

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  1. 26th June 2015 / 3:04 am

    I've heard and seen amazing things about this, but the hefty price tag is killing me – I might get it in a few more months and it sounds amazing. I use the Clarisonic MIA2 so I don't think I'll be getting this anytime soon, would love to add it to my wishlist though haha x