A Metallic Merry Christmas

“Inspiration is all around you, and whatever inspires you can be found on ebay.”

Following on from my first ebay-related post last month, where I shared with you my Autumn Outdoors collection, I am excited to bring you a rather festive collection which should help with adding a touch of Christmas sparkle to your home. Ebay’s recently launched campaign, “Shop the World”, is a great way to show that whatever inspires you can be found on ebay. Whether it is that new winter wardrobe, some Christmas gift ideas, home decor pieces or simply a technology upgrade, it can all be found online. And the pinterest-like collection boards are a great way to surf and share your favourite bits!

I love the idea of having a colour theme every year and this year I have fallen in love with the cool crispness of metallics. Golds and silvers are the epitome of Christmas (with a dash of red of course) so I have been cruising ebay to bring you my brand new December ebay collection – A Metallic Merry Christmas. Unique, individual and stylish Christmas decorations can be quite hard to come by but after a few searches on ebay I was faced with a whole new world of seasonal bunting, diamante stag heads and vintage baubles galore. I love scouring for something that is a little bit different that can’t just be picked up off the high street and that is why ebay can really be the one-stop shop for inspirational purchases, especially in the run up to Christmas time! No one likes battling with the hoards of shoppers out on the street from now until Christmas eve so I much prefer to keep cosy inside, grab myself a cuppa and let my laptop do the hard work!

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