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“Inspiration is all around you, and whatever inspires you can be found on eBay.”

You may remember that earlier this year I worked alongside that very well-known online auction site to create my very own eBay collections. I researched and put together a variety of storyboards inspired by a number of my favourite things – much like your average Pinterest board but with direct links to the items on eBay, allowing your wish list become reality within a simple few clicks. The world of eBay can be a bit overwhelming so I though the ideas of these individual collections was a genius way to make your online browsing a whole lot easier and for you to update your wardrobe or makeover your home a fun, interactive experience.

I am now excited to announce that eBay have recently launched a simple campaign called “Shop the World” which hopes to demonstrate to shoppers that whatever inspires them can be found on eBay and that inspiration is all around you. With over 800 million listings worldwide, whether it is a new Winter wardrobe or those last few Christmas stocking fillers, eBay have got it covered! I have been invited to share in this new campaign and take an iconic moment, such a late afternoon Autumn walk, and turn it into a ‘shoppable’ moment on eBay and share my inspirations and must-have items with you all – just as we all turn our thoughts to writing those Christmas shopping lists!

I simply love this image of burnt umber, golden and rich brown fallen leaves begging to be crunched underfoot and walked through whilst you breathe in the crisp, November air. I love being outdoors, whether it is walking, running or just taking in the scenery and enjoying the scent of bonfires in the distance, and though I would create a collection of all your outdoor winter essentials to keep you warm and prepared for those November leafy walks. You can take a look at and follow my November Shop The World collection right here, Next month I will also be sharing with you my December, festive-inpsired collection which I hope will give you lots of fun and novel ideas for Christmas present shopping so stay tuned for that!

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  1. 18th November 2014 / 8:10 pm

    what a lovely picture!