Estée Lauder Modern Muse Eau de Parfum

This time last year Estée Lauder launched a fresh new scent, Modern Muse, which was inspired by the empowerment and duality of women. The fragrance embodies both sides of the female personality – the soft, feminine traits matched with their strength, their confidence and their independence. There are two key notes to this eau de parfum that represent this duality – sparkling florals contrasted with sleek, sensual woody accords which seem to balance in perfect harmony.

Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse Eau de Parfum*, available from Boots and Estée Lauder online, won the accolade of Grazia’s Scent of the Year 2013 and offers us a chic new vision of femininity. It really is a wonderful fragrance and I haven’t been able to stop sniffing it every since I got it a few weeks ago. The two dynamic yet contrasting notes give this scent an intriguing, memorable aroma and the mix of sparkling Jasmine and dewy citrus fruits along with the creamy vanilla, soft musk and rich Amber Wood really compliment one another and eases this perfume into an everyday or evening time scent. Even the packaging and sweet bottle mirror the theme of feminine duality – the soft, pinky-hued perfume housed in the delicate bottle is crowned with a chunky, black and gold bow top. It is a key visual contradiction and sums up this fragrance perfectly before you’ve even given it a spritz. The scent lingers nicely on the skin throughout the day and is suitably rich and deep without being too overpowering as the Exotic Mandarin and Honeysuckle Nectar keep this perfume feminine, pretty and irresistible!

Have you tried Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse?

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  1. 10th October 2014 / 12:15 pm

    What a lovely bottle! I'll have to give this a try 🙂

    Alice¦Always Alice x