Claudia Louch jojoba moisturiser and mineral mud mask

Ever since I tried the Claudia Louch eye makeup remover a few months ago I became really intrigued with this fairly new-ish skincare brand on the block. The price tag might not be the most purse-firendly but you cannot deny that the quality of these products are really rather wonderful and you can be assured that each lotion, potion, cream and mask has been masterfully created with the knowledge and expertise of Claudia Louch at the forefront. Claudia Louch is a Harvey Street skin specialist and has become internationally-renowned for her cutting edge natural approach to skincare combined with skin science to tailor the individual’s needs.

There are two new additions to my skincare regime which I have been currently loving from the Claudia Louch range – firstly the protective jojoba day moisturiser (£52.50) and secondly the mineral mud mask (£52.50), both suitable for all skin types. The jojoba moisturiser contains a powerhouse of high-performance natural ingredients including avocado and grape seed oils as well as shea butter, vitamin A and the antioxidant vitamin E.  The jojoba oil acts as an anti-inflammatory on the skin and helps dissolve excess sebum that can clog pores and cause those unfavourable skin breakouts. I love using this moisturiser in the morning and is light and silky enough on the skin to apply before your makeup routine. It leaves my skin feeling loved – completely hydrated, clear and nourished from only the smallest amount of cream dispensed from the ever so sleek, black glossy packaging.

Next up is the Claudia Louch Mineral Mud Mask and boy do I love a good face mask (and this one is seriously lush!) This mineral mud mask contains a rich mix of pure arctic mineral mud with grape and jojoba seed oil, avocado oil and shea butter for an unique toning effect whilst the skin is detoxified, impurities removed and pores minimised. Like the jojoba moisturiser, this mud mask is packed full of skin-loving elements, is 94% natural, hypoallergenic and free from SLS and parabens. I really like to use this mask once a week (usually on a pampering Sunday evening along with a bubble bath and a hair mask), slathering it on and leaving it for around 20-25 minutes. Once washed off with warm water my skin feels incredibly soft, clean and firm without feeling stripped, tight or dry whatsoever. Whenever I feel my skin is looking a bit dull and needs a nourishing boost then I will definitely be reaching for this mask time and time again.

Have you tried anything from the Claudia Louch skincare range?

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  1. 20th September 2014 / 9:34 pm

    i love the name!