Colgate ProClinical A1500 electric toothbrush


Colgate ProClinical A1500 electric toothbrush* – £169.99
…but currently half price (£84.99) in Boots

Teeth. A subject that doesn’t get a lot of coverage here on Pearls & Poodles but one that I have a real invested interest in. Healthy, shiny teeth are a beauty asset that I would not sacrifice for anything – I would happily forego clear skin and shiny locks for my set of healthy pearly-whites, and I take pride in the fact that at the ripe age of 26 I am filling-free! My regime is not particularly fancy or extensive – just a thorough brush for at least two minutes every morning and night (although I do often throw in an extra session after I’ve eaten my evening meal), flossing every other day and lots of healthy eating. I don’t eat sweets, drink coffee or crave fizzy drinks…in fact my only real vice is chocolate. Oh and drink milk by the cow-load. Call my old-fashioned but I have always favoured a manual toothbrush, even after my boyfriend upgraded to a swanky electric one and tried to convince me they were the best thing since sliced bread. There is something very satisfying giving your teeth a good scrub and I never felt the need to deviate from my faithful, basic £10 jobby. However recently I have brought out the big guns and have been trialling the new Colgate ProClinical A1500 – an electric toothbrush which offer the latest in teeth-brushing technology. 

This all-singing-all-dancing has three speed settings which automatically adjust depending on the area you are brushing. The smart sensors engage different speeds and cleaning actions based on the position the toothbrush is held – resulting it a far more superior clean for teeth and gums. The slowest speed is specific for side to side strokes on the teeth surface, mid speed offers massaging strokes for the gumline and the fastest setting (my favourite) is up-down strokes for the molars. With up to 32,5000 strokes per minutes, it effectively reduces five times more plague along the gumline than my bogstandard toothbrush which is pretty impressive. Since welcoming the Colgate A1500 into my bathroom, teeth brushing has certainly become a lot more fun…and noisy. It has a two minute timer so you know you are brushing your teeth for the recommended length of time and has a 30 second pacer as well so you know when to move on to another quadrant in your mouth. So it seems the Colgate ProClinical really does do everything. Everything bar squirting the toothpaste onto the brush for you! 

The Colgate ProClinical A1500 electric toothbrush retails at £169.99 but is currently half price in Boots for £85 which definitely makes it a lot more reasonable. I don’t necessary believe you need a fancy electric toothbrush to have healthy teeth (I think I am proof) but I can’t deny that my teeth feel incredibly clean after using it and I love the reassurance that your teeth are getting the best brush possible. Needless to say that my manual toothbrush has been well and truly replaced! 

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  1. 29th November 2012 / 8:05 pm

    Great deal! Electric toothbrushes are great for when you're feeling lazy but I agree – nothing can replace a good ol' manual toothbrush 🙂

  2. 26th November 2014 / 9:40 am

    Great blog. Colgate ProClinical A1500 electric oothbrush is looks good. I will definitely try with this electric brush. Thanks for sharing.