Glossybox for men

gb for men
glossybox for men 

gb for men

gb for men

Let me introduce to you Glossybox for men.* A quarterly beauty box filled with 7 luxury sized grooming products to satiate every modern man’s needs. January’s box is packed full of finely picked, yet little less than man-sized samples, that range from haircare, shaving and fragrance. I presented my boyfriend Rob with this latest offering from Glossybox and we unveiled the contents in unison with great anticipation. As the charcoal grey lid was lifted, the ribbon untied and the paper parted ripped open, we were met with some familiar brands, as well as some lesser known names.

1. Goldwell StyleSign Roughman – Matt Cream Paste  2. Monu Vitru Energy Rub

3. Monu Vitru Conditioning Body Wash  4. Goldwell Dualsenses Hair & Body Shampoo

5. Shaveworks The Cool Fix  6. Murad Clarifying Mask  7. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme and L’Homme fragrances

I think it is transparent that, broadly speaking, the female demographic have been reeled in by the lure of beauty boxes, hook, line and sinker! A further excuse to laden our already brimming beauty bounty with more products and new discoveries was always going to be a no-brainer. But is this move by Glossybox into a male beauty box imprudent or ingenious? Let’s hear the verdict from the man himself…


– Hair and body shampoo? Legendary! A product that does two jobs in one is a winner with me.
The samples are the perfect size for my gym bag – much more feasible than lugging around a full sized body wash with me.
This is the perfect lazy boy’s option to shopping and sampling new products.
I would definitely consider ordering one for a friend as a gift.
I especially like that it only comes every three months. I like trying new products but would feel a bit overwhelmed if seven new samples were descending upon me each month! –

The products in this (first) month’s box are high-end and varied and were really liked by Rob. Whereas I would usually be the first to snubbed the fragrance samples, I think these were a really good addition to the box. From experience, men can get stuck in a rut with aftershave; just repurchasing their trusty old faithfuls. Sometimes it is time to put down the Old Spice and branch out and sniff new things! And the YSL samples are actually divine, such an amazing scent. I will definitely be urging Rob to purchase the full sized product of La Nuit de L’Homme in particular. Rob was impressed, genuinely impressed with Glossybox for men, and rather thrilled that he for once was in receipt of a parcel from the postman!

For more information, the details and deals on Glossybox for men, then you can visit their website.
What are you thoughts on Glossybox’s maverick move into a male grooming beauty box? Would the man in your life be pleased or perplexed by this?

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  1. 13th January 2012 / 12:05 am

    I think I will get it for my hubby 🙂

  2. 13th January 2012 / 12:27 am

    I'm seriously trying to persuade my boyfriend to sign up for these…. just so I can play and blog them! teehee xxxx

  3. 13th January 2012 / 2:41 am

    Interesting post. I've not personally jumped onto the glossybox bandwagon myself, already have way too many beauty products as it is, but was quite intrigued by the concept for men. In theory it has massive potential as men are getting more and more conscious about taking care of themselves, but I'm guessing it will be the gals who'll be doing the actual ordering. x

  4. 13th January 2012 / 3:48 pm

    I think my boyfriend would love this. He wouldn't admit it but he likes to take care of himself. I may order him one so he can pretend it's just me forcing him 😉

  5. 13th January 2012 / 6:35 pm

    I was thinking of getting my friend this for his birthday, dunno if I'm willing to pay £15 for it though :

    For my blog, click here 🙂

  6. 14th January 2012 / 9:24 pm

    This looks great – I really wish I had a guy to buy it for!

  7. 15th January 2012 / 5:37 pm

    Love that you got Rob to review this! Thinking of getting it for Mark…xx