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As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day later this month, I have been thinking more and more about how lucky I am to have such a strong, inspirational figure in my life that I get to call my Mum everyday, and how fortunate I feel that she is also my best pal. It is hard to put into words just how much I adore my Mum – she is incredible and has given me everything that I could ever want – love, understanding, patience, safety, kindness, a warm smile, endless advice and the ability to see the fun and beauty in the most humble of things. She taught me how to bake yet I will never be able to whip up a cake as delicious as her own Victoria Sponge. She is the reason I love living an active life outdoors as we shared so many fun adventures on our bikes during the long Summer Holidays, and frosty walks on Christmas Days gone by, all bundled up. She has given me so many happy memories I want to pass on to my own daughter.

When I was a little girl I had hair that reached my lower back and was so thick and curly. Desperate to be like the other girls in the class with their straight, glossy manes (and before the days of GHDs), my Mum use to painstakingly sit and brush my frizzy hair through and then blow dry it straight in numerous sections. I remember it use to take hours but my Mum never once grumbled or made me feel silly – she just did it because she was always so generous with her time. She is always by my side and has helped me through life’s ups and downs. She’s so creative and when I mentioned I wanted some bunting for my wedding, she didn’t think twice before getting out her sewing machine and reeling off metres of floral fabric to hang in our marquee.When it comes to searching for a Mother’s Day present I like to put a lot of thought and effort into getting my Mum something special and completely unique. I’ve exhausted all the shops on my local high street so my search turned to the internet and I was smitten with and their diverse selection of thoughtful gifts for every type of Mum. Mums shouldn’t be pigeon-holed and not every Mum wants a pretty mug or a bunch of flowers. is championing all types of Mums for their #ForMumsWho campaign – the working mum, the stay-at-home mum, the can’t-sit-still mum, the fifty-and-fabulous mum, the brand-new-foster mum, the yoga mum…! Scrolling through their Lust Lists gave me so much inspiration and I was flooded with fresh ideas of things I could buy my Mum. I love the fact so many items can be personalised (because personalised pressies are the best type of pressies!) and I also feel pleased in the knowledge that you are supporting small creative businesses in the UK when you shop from I ended up picking a pair of personalised cotton pyjamas with her initials embroidered on them because I know how much my Mum loves winding down at the end of a busy day with a hot bath and fresh jammies. We also love to watch films together in the evening in our PJs, chocolate and tea in hand, so I thought this was a perfect treat and who knows, maybe Florence will treat me to a matching pair as well for Mother’s Day!!

Discover unique gifts for every mum this Mother’s Day on March 26th at

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