Friday, 1 February 2013

Illamasqua I'mPerfection Spring '13 collection


Nail varnish in Speckle and Freckle*, £14.50
Lipstick in Immodest*, £16
Blush Up Brush*, £28.50

Before I gush and gush some more about Illamasqua's new Spring Summer collection, can I just take a minute to share my excitement with you about being featured in Illamasqua's first brand magazine. As a firm devotee of Illamasqua pretty much since I began blogging, it was a real pleasure to be asked to share with their readers one of my favourite products of the moment - and it had to be Gleam in Aurora, the most beautiful golden-toned highlighting cream. The magazine is available in stores and on counters so be sure to pop one in your bag when perusing the new collection!

And speaking of the new collection, last week I was invited along to a preview of their Spring Summer I'mPerfection launch which is available online now. As always, Illamasqua have triumphed with this new collection and their underlying message that your imperfections are actually what makes you perfection. The promotional images are some of the most striking to date in my opinion and embrace all those features that some may choose to hide. A light is shone on freckles, birth marks, scars and beauty spots and you are encouraged to wear your imperfections like a badge of honour "as it is our so called flaws that make us unique". (Alex Box, Creative Director) The new range features five new speckled nail varnishes inspired by the fragility and irregular beauty of a bird's egg - very apt for a Springtime launch. If you want nails that are unique and look good enough to eat (think mini eggs) then you will love these new additions. There are also three new powder blusher duos, you can see one of them featured here, and a new brush that reinvents the way we think about applying blusher. And for the lips we have the perfect vivid pink with a strong matte finish and a fresh new lipgloss in Shoot - a verdant, leafy green shade which is wild and whacky but looks oddly conventional in the promotional images above. This is why I love Illamasqua because they make us question our orthodox views and gives us the impetus to be that little bit more experimental with our makeup, even if you will never wear a teal lipstick!

Will you be having a closer look at this range? And do let me know if you wish to see any of the new products I've mentioned in greater detail, bar the lipstick of course as a post on this is already in the making!


ShannMarieeDee said...

I will definitely be checking this collection out. The colours seem so vibrant and gorgeous. I love the speckled effect in the nail polish xx

Shannen |

Valérie said...

I really like this collection, but I'd never buy it because I hardly wear any colourful products on my face.

Great post!


rebecca boo said...

I love the lilac nail polish! and the play on words with the title of the collection is clever:)

Kelly said...

I love the look of the collection, and the idea behind it. It's great to see a brand change the way we think about beauty.
And I want those nail varnishes, gorgeous!

Anthea Lau said...

the nail polish collection looks spectacular! definitely checking out this collection :)


Hannah Cagney Lace said...

I can't wait to check out this collection - I only have one Illamasqua product which is a blusher but you need the tiniest bit as it's so pigmented.

Love the concept of the new line too! Now which nail polish do I pick?


Amy W. Hemmingway said...

I really those this collection. The brush is so unusual

ABeautyRomance said...

Great post! Their new collection looks amazing, especially the nail polishes! :) ♥

Rebekah Louise said...

The nail polish looks awesome!x

Katherine Baker said...

that lipstick! love it so much, have to check it out. Reminds me of the nail polish I'm wearing at the moment, (barry m's gelly hi shine nail paint in pomegranate.


Emily said...

I love the Freckle polish!

Pale skin and doe- like eyes said...

I love illamasqua is my favourite brand! These new products look great

Confessions Of a Beauty Lover said...

Love the nail varnishes - they are so interesting and intriguing! Also love the look of the brush...looks like it would be amazing for contouring!x

Jasmine Mascarenhas said...

You look so pretty in the magazine! I love this collection SO much. I just really love the concept and message behind it. I really want to try speckle nail varnish and immodest lipstick.


Naheeda R said...

Congratulationsssss!! You're a great blogger so definitely deserve itt!! I have seen so many lovely posts on this and I can not express how much i love these nail polishes and how much I wish they weren't so expensive...

I would LOVE it if you guys would come over and check my blog out! :D

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Eda. said...

Big fan of Illamasqua and this fabulous new collection from there. Congrats on your feature in the mag too lovely, I was gutted I couldn't make the event the other week!

Eda x

susanne ramsbottom said...

These colours are amazing. I have never splurged on this brand before. These wonderful colours are tempting me!


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