Saturday, 26 January 2013

Alpro #deskfest challenge day 5


For the final day of my #deskfest challenge, it only seemed right to finish with a flourish and rustle up something slightly more indulgent for my concluding Alpro breakfast. I think the ultimate breakfast, if my waistline wasn't a factor, would be a stack of American pancakes drenched in sugary maple syrup with a mountain of tumbling fruit on the side. So I took this idea and gave it a slightly healthier twist with the addition of stewed fruit and vanilla yoghurt. And how adorable is this hand painted Tiffin from Nkuku? Such a practical yet stylish way to transport your fest to your desk!

American pancakes with ginger syrup fruit compote and Alpro vanilla pouring yoghurt

For the pancakes:
3 large free-range eggs
115g plain flour
1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder
140ml Alpro soya milk
a pinch of salt
(see method here - thanks to my boy Jamie!)

For the compote:
Place strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and a diced apple in a saucepan
Add a tablespoon of ginger syrup
Gently stew on a low heat until all the fruit has softened

Stack 'em high, serve with an indulgent helping of Alpro's pouring yoghurt and enjoy!


Valérie said...

I love these Alpro recipes! They're all so yummy :) xx

AgataP said...

loveeee pancakes <333

Tori said...

It looks so yummy, definitely need to try these pancakes soon, too :)

Naheeda R said...

I love the tins and the pancakes look so yummyyyy <3

I would love it if some of you guys would come over and check my blog out! :D

Alexjw said...

Which filofax do you have?

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