Saturday, 22 September 2012

Aerin Beauty

The Aerin Lauder makeup range
The Aerin Lauder makeup range
The Aerin Lauder makeup range
The Aerin Lauder makeup range

Aerin Beauty, granddaughter of the legendary Estee Lauder, launches her own lifestyle range

Pretty Bronze Illuminating Powder, level 01* - £34
Rose Lip Conditioner* - £20

Estee Lauder is a name that is synonymous with luxury and high-end beauty, but what about Aerin Lauder? The granddaughter of Estee Lauder, and a beauty editor in her own right, has now honed her lifelong experience in the beauty industry and launched her very own lifestyle range. Her new Color and Essentials Collections are a mere fraction of the products you can expect from her new brand which will also celebrate her love for home furnishing and personal style. Aerin Beauty doesn't just stop at your makeup must-haves but also includes brushes, a makeup bag and hand cream.

The products from Aerin have a similar decadent feel to those from Estee Lauder, yet Aerin believes her range is pretty rather than beautiful and focuses on effortless, stylish and easy makeup for women of all ages. Aerin has translated her love of florals into her beauty products and has infused every powder, bronzer and lipstick with a signature rose scent which I personally think is gorgeous. If you are a fan of all things rose-like, then you will fall in love with this collection on first sniff! The rose lip conditioner is a perfect handbag essential with its squeezy, fingerless applicator and soft, nude tinge to the balm. It is sumptuous on the lips leaving them with a subtle sheen whilst deeply nourishes any dry skin. The fact it smells like freshly picked roses also makes me completely addicted to using this product. The Pretty Bronze Illuminating Powder is described as "a rested, post-vacation glow in a few easy strokes" and is very pretty to say the least. The pigmentation is soft, but buildable and is a lovely, bronzed-peachy powder infused with golden flecks which illuminate the skin without being overly glittery. This powder could be regarded as a highlighter or bronzer, or both, depending on your skin tone. Once again, the pleasant rose scent that exudes the moment you open the compact makes the Aerin experience that little bit special, as does the pretty yet completely indulgent pink pouch the illuminating powder comes in!

What are your thoughts on this new range? Do you enjoy rose scented beauty products?


Kellina's Thoughts said...

The illuminating powder looks amazing!

With regards to the rose scent - I wouldn't be a big fan of it on the lip products, but with regards to the other products I think its great!

Caroline said...

squee, that highlighter looks gorgeous! the rose scent sounds really nice too, think i'll have to test this out xx

Heidi-likes said...

This looks so beautiful and I lve the luxurious packaging x

Hola Bambi said...

Your photography skills are amazing! X

Veronica said...

Never tried this brand before but their products look beautiful! *.*

xx Veronica


I'll admit I don't know much about the brand, so this is a great post! Although I'm not a huge fan of strong rose-scented products, I'll have to check these out! Thanks (: xx

Laura said...

Really love the packaging!

Tattooed Tealady said...

I've never heard of this brand bu these look absolutely lovely! Adore the packaging too xo

nicolina(: said...

woo these are so pretty! This is the first time i've heard of this brand, it seem so cool though!

daniella-r said...

Never heard of this before, but if it's influenced by Estee Lauder it must be great. Love the packaging too :)
Daniella x

Biancarosa said...

Adore the packaging, but I am not a fan of rose scents :( This product looks so lovely though...I do want to try it, unless the scent is too over empowering.


thebeautyheroes. said...

the packaging is so luxurious x

Holly Stewart said...

They both look gorgeous! I'm really excited to try some of the Aerin products, thank you for posting about these :) x

Holly's Beauty Review

Jenn E said...

The packaging is so luxe! I would love to have that compact in my collection so I'm probably going to find an excuse to pick something up for her collection! Hehe

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