Friday, 29 June 2012

Cocosa Sale - Nina Campbell travel cases

nina campbell vanity cases

It became apparent to me whilst frantically packing for my Spanish holiday that I do not have enough cute wash bags! Makeup bags yes, but sizeable wash bags to encompass all my bathroom necessities, no. I ended up having to divide all my paraphernalia across several separate bags which then played havoc with my so-called streamline packing!

These darling, heart-patterned wash bags from Nina Campbell are currently on sale at and would make the perfect travel accompaniment - ideal for a weekend break or an exotic trip. Nina Campbell, the famous and highly-respected interior designer, has been creating her gorgeous and stylish designs for over thirty years now. Working on a residential and commercial level, she has been filling homes and stores with a mix traditional and contemporary designs, always unmistakably elegant and with a rich colour palette. These wash bags are not only really pretty, but incredibly practical too. Their soft, quilted cotton fabric makes them brilliantly squishy and versatile, as well as being machine washable so you don't need to fret over any slight spillages.

Cocosa, being the hot spot for discounted luxury items, are selling a range of Nina Campbell travel vanity cases at some amazing reduced prices. The large wash bag for example was £30, now £18 and the smaller bag is £12 from £20. We may not be able to hang her curtains or lounge on her sofas, but maybe we could have a small piece of the Nina Campbell luxury with these vanity cases.

Do let me know if you take advantage of the Cocosa sale!


Hannah Rose said...

I don't have the money to buy these but they're lovely- enjoy yours! Check out my new blog? New review!

Rainbow veins said...

Awesome, just what I need for my upcoming holiday too! They look fab!
Please check out my new blog at:

Laura Collins said...

They are very cute! I always have that problem when packing! I end up with about 5 toiletry bags! Such a pain!

Laura x

Anastasia Petrova said...

Heyy gorgeous,
love your cute blog :)

if you follow me I will follow right back =D

much love

Lorna Patrick said...

these look nice, always wanting more toiletry bags!

Joy said...

Love the patterning on these bags <3

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