Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cocosa Sale - Compagnie de Provence

Compagnie De Provence - Cocosa
Compagnie De Provence - Cocosa
Compagnie De Provence - Cocosa

There are many lovely things that I have France to thank for; champagne, camenbert and Sephora to name but a few. Well now I can safely say that I am adding Compagnie de Provence to that list, with their unmistakable range of beauty and home products. Inspired by the Provence region of France and the clashing contrasts that are found there, Compagnie de Provence is an originally heritage brand that is now moving in contemporary ways to bring us a harmony between clean graphic design and the purest of nature. They currently have several lines within their collection, all boasting natural ingredients and fragrances, that individually aspire to a specific state of mind or desire.

The limited edition Graffiti range from Compagnie de Provence sees a collaboration with Paris-born graffiti artist iLK and is a celebration of Marseilles' two extremities. The two liquid soaps, Heaven and Hell, symbolise the two faces of the city - the urban hub verses the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea. Both liquid soaps (which happen to smell amazing) are incased in a shapely, 500ml glass bottle, colourfully tagged with iLK's signature work.

These soaps are currently on sale at, a luxury-focused website that retails clothes and cosmetics in time-limited sales for fantastically low prices. Up to 90% off in some cases! It is definitely worth signing up (for free) and checking out the brands on offer. The Compagnie de Provence soaps for example are currently on sale for £10 (the original price being £17) and has a maximum sale discount of 67% off. I am honoured and excited to announce that I am an official Cocosa partner so over the next couple of months I am going to be bringing you a selection of articles focusing on the latest sale opportunities from Cocosa as well as current trends and exclusive interviews which I hope you will find enjoyable.

Let me know if you take advantage of the Compagnie de Provence sale!


Hannah Rose said...

Oh I shall have to have a look at this!
I have just given my blog a make over and update and would love it if you had a peek! A new review is amount them!

Lorna Patrick said...

this looks awesome. the packaging is amazing!

Zoe said...

I love the concept behind them and the packaging looks really great! Cant wait to see what else Cocosa has on offer!xx

Alex said...

Like the bottles of these. :)

Heather said...

The packaging is so cute!

Eda. said...

Love the packaging of these products darling - glad to hear about this new product :)

Eda ♥

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