Tuesday, 28 February 2012

shop mac cook mac

shop mac cook mac
shop mac cook mac
shop mac cook mac

I used to be such an avid follower of every new MAC collection that graced the website and stores, swiftly purchasing a multitude of items, regardless of whether I really needed them or not. I was always lured in by the fresh packaging and lived by the motto that you can never have too many mineralised skinfinishes! Well apparently you can, so recently I have still maintained my unwavering love for MAC, but kept it a bit more restrained, restocking on my trusty favourites and dabbling in a few new lipsticks every now and again. This was all going well until the latest Spring Summer collection exploded onto the scene in a whirl of kooky packaging and a crazy collision of colour. With its kitsch promotional images and funkily-boxed products, I think this is the kind of collection that will have one item that everyone will fall for.

shop mac cook mac
shop mac cook mac
shop mac cook mac

When I attended the MAC Masterclass at LFW last week, we were able to ogle over the new collection which is currently on sale exclusively at Selfridges stores but will be available nationwide come the 1st March. The cremeblend blushes and lipsticks are definitely the standout products for me, giving us some soft nudes as well as some pow-wow pinks and corals with Naughty Saute, the bright bubblegum pink lipstick, highly on my wishlist. When we left the event we were treated to two products from the new collection to have a little play about, and it just so happened I received Florida cremeblend blush, the very product I was eyeing up when perusing the stands earlier on in the day.

shop mac cook mac
shop mac cook mac
shop mac cook mac

MAC Cremeblend blush in Florida* - A very bright, fiercely-pigmented fuchsia blush with blue undertones. This was previously released in the Lillyland collection over two years ago, and it now has made a welcome return in the Shop Mac Cook Mac collection. I think everyone yearns for a lighter, more dewy look for the Springtime and cream blushes are the simplest way to create a fresh flush to your face. The colour may look quite scary, but with a stippling brush and a gentle hand, it will give you a gorgeous 'just pinched' look to your cheeks.

shop mac cook mac
shop mac cook mac
IMG_4150 copy

MAC Tendertone Lip Balm SPF12 in Tread Gently* - Tendertones are theoretically just very fancy pots of Vaseline. They are housed in the glass, screw top containers which are synonymous with MAC's Paint Pots, and are laced with a sweetly (borderline sickly) scent of fruitiness, in particular strawberry. The consistency is very gel-like, not at all sticky and smoothes onto the lips beautifully. The tendertone lip balms are extremely conditioning and left my lips feeling really soft. Tread Gently is described as a soft lime green with yellow pearl. You will see it is pretty colourless, just slightly mutes my natural lip colour and glazes them with a soft golden shimmer.

Are you planning on shopping any of the new Shop Mac Cook Mac collection?

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Constanze said...

The Lip Balm looks beautiful, the effect is interesting! :)

Dragon Mommy said...

Wow, love all the shades of lipstick.

Holli x

Miss LV said...

OMG love this collection, the lipsticks look lush xxx


Lauren Baker said...

Didn't expect to like the Tread Gently tendertone but it looks so lovely!! xx

lilmisschickas said...

Can't wait to try that blush! Looks amaze!

tiffany said...

That blush looks amazing - wow! x


Char! said...

I am loving this collection! X

♥mldvs said...

What a stunning collection! It's gorgeous xx

MakeupbyNix said...

I want...no NEED...the Florida blush. Beautiful! The lipsticks look gorgeous too.

Sara said...

The blush is a bit scary looking. that lipbalm though..phwoooarr!

Beth said...

this collection looks beautiful xxx

jemmalouise said...

The lipgloss, omg gorgeous! I need some of these products x

Bella Luna said...

the collection looks really good, excited to check it out xx

Sarah said...

this campaigh is even swaying me too! I want all of these products :)


Michelle said...

This collection looks beautiful Milly! Hadn't really researched too much into the Shop Mac Cook Mac collection but I really like the look of that new Tendertone, the lipsticks and quads. Oh dear, my purse will not be happy with me! xx

DawnieP said...

Oh that balm looks amazing! It's so glossy and iridescent!




Catalina said...

I would die if I could have all of this!!


jpoppy said...

Lip balm looks so nice and glossy. I need to get my hands on some of this collection. Great post. Thank you x


Marmalade said...

This all looks amazing. I adore those blushes ... they're extreme but such nice shades.

I just bought a new M.A.C lippy (on todays blog post) which I LOVE so pretty up for testing the new range x


Stella said...

Ooh, this collection looks amazing especially with the cute packaging :)

Emily said...

I'm liking the look of the blush! And the lipsticks!
Oh I just can't decide which one to buy first!

TamaraB♡ said...

Can I just say, that photo of Florida looks GORGEOUS!!! I need it so bad. Do you think it is similar to Azalea? I want both, but I have been wanting Azalea for a long time now.

Vida said...

That tendertone looks so good on you! I didn't think I would like any of the tendertones that came out because the colors weren't really my taste.

ashleighjoan said...

I really want naughty sauté!

jimmi lou said...

Love all of the bright colours in the collection!

MissLauren said...

i love this collection so much xx


Lily said...

Such a pretty collection, I hope to pick up a lipstick or a blush - there are some lovely shades :) x


bows are cute said...

Cute collection! very colourful!

I like the lip gloss!

Love Katrien from

MrAJBx3 said...

The visuals for this collection are beyond gorgeous!
i have to have it all haha


Jessica said...

Wow I am super excited to try a tender tone as i love lip balms and constantly buying them, I was unsure if it would be that great as their usual lip balms Ive heard arnt great so im pleased this is. As its my bday i will be buying this with bday money!!

Beth said...

this collection is sooo cute! I am going to have to purchase a lipstick, maybe a matching blush?!


PinkGlitter said...

I picked up 4 of the lipsticks (Naughty Saute, Runaway Red, Quick Sizzle & Innocence Beware). I was so tempted to get the Florida creme blush but put it back at the last minute. Now I'm kinda regretting it. The MAC girl was really talking up the tendertones. Glad to hear they aren't sticky. The one you received is gorgeous! Might have to go back to the counter and see if they have any Shop MAC items left..

Tori. said...

the lip balm and lipsticks look amazing :) x

Ashley said...

I reviewed the Watch Me Simmer lipstick on my blog! I love the color!


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Solene3005 said...

I like this collection and I bought Hush Hush tendertone, Watch Me Simmer - Innocence Beware - Quick Sizzle lipsticks :D

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