Sunday, 30 January 2011

if music be the food of love, play on

The title of this post bears no relevance to the context whatsoever.
However, I was totally stumped for a title and took inspiration from Mr Shakespeare himself. I loved studying his works whilst I was at school, and have started re-reading Twelfth Night, from which this quote derives.

Anyway, I am shameful to say that yet again, this outfit completely heralds from one shop, and one shop only. H&M. I feel I should issue a disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored, badgered or bullied by H&M to feature their clothes! The skirt is in keeping with the 'granny chic' style that is reverberating around the stores at the moment. It is knee-length and black button-fronted, with an elasticated waist. The lace top is ancient, but with shoulder pads and the delicate embroidered floral patterns, it seems to compliment many an outfit. The stole featured in a recent outfit post and does adorn my neck quite regularly at the moment whilst this chilly breeze persists. 

On my lips I am wearing Violetta by MAC, which is a killer lipstick. My hair is pinned up in my rudimentary beehive, up do. I hope you are enjoying more outfit posts? I know my tripod and I are having a whale of a time!

I hope you have all had delightful weekends. 
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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Challenge Aveda

"With 40 percent of women seeking smooth, straight, frizz-free hair, Aveda’s 4-step smoothing system, Smooth Infusion, was designed to help achieve these results—leaving hair chic, straight and manageable for 12 hours."

So for the past few weeks, since my wonderful visit to the Aveda Institute, my hair has been indulged in their Smooth Infusion range. I have tantalised my tresses with the Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner, and have massaged my mane with the Style-Prep Smoother and Glossing Straightener prior to styling.

Firstly, all the products smell divine. The salon that I frequent use a lot of Aveda products, so the smell instantly instils a feeling of pampering and serenity. I felt I was recreating all the luxury of a visit to my hairdressers, right at home in my bathroom. Spiced with a citrus zing and a woody undertone, this is definitely one of the most fragrantly pleasing hair ranges I have used.

The shampoo, £14.50 (250ml) is lovely. The formulation is rich, but not too much so that it stubbornly lingers after you have rinsed it off. It is a joy to use and lathers up beautifully. To say I have thick hair would be an understatement, and I do find myself having to use a substantial amount of shampoo each time I wash my hair. However, the Smooth Infusion shampoo seemed to coat the entirety of my hair, whilst using only a limited amount of product. I find it hard to say much more about shampoo, other than it leaves my hair feeling cleansed and smooth. Some shampoos I use tend to make my hair feel stripped and dry before applying the conditioner, but this was quite the contrary.

The conditioner, £16.50 (200ml) is the perfect accompaniment for the shampoo, and continues to bestow a wonderful bouquet of herbal scents. The formulation didn’t feel heavy at all, but still rich and really did glide onto my hair and left it feeling so soft and nourished. It has notably improved the condition of the ends of my hair which are always a little rogue, and has really made an improvement to the suppleness and shine of my hair too. It is always my fear when reviewing haircare products, not to paraphrase all of those deliberate hair clichés, in fear of sounding like an annoying advert, but unfortunately this range does command all the clichés and more!

Once I had washed and towel dried my hair, I applied the two styling products. The style-prep smoother, £18 (100ml) and the glossing straightener, £18.50 (125ml). When I was at the Institute earlier this month, my stylist showed me the quantity of product I should be using on my hair. I was aghast as I would have easily have opted to use two or three times more, thinking my thick, unruly mane needed even more product to be tamed. Alas, she demonstrated that you do only need a very small amount, a five pence size of each product at the most. My stylist used an equal measure of the style-prep smoother and the glossing straightener, harmonized the two globules between her hands and then lightly coated my damp hair, ensuring equal distribution, and paying particular attention to the ends and not placing too much on my root area. I have been following the exemplary example set to me and do simply love the way my hair is instantly more manageable. Despite not quite being able to mirror the amazing blow dry I experienced at the Institute, I am slowly learning, and after using the Smooth Infusion range, my hair seems so calm and easily styled. I believe it takes me less time to blow dry it, and requires less abuse from my hair straighteners as well. A win win situation!

As their name suggests, the whole ethos of this range is to promote smooth, frizz-free hair, achieved by using their 4-step smoothing system, and leaving hair chic, straight and manageable for 12 hours. Every day, we are fraught with frizz-inducing perils, which leaves our hair far from the sleek and polished coiffure we left the house with. Whether it be the tube journey to work, the gym or your weekly sports match, frizz is unavoidable.

Having experienced a few tube journeys recently, and considering I am always undertaking some sort of sport or other, I believe I certainly have road tested these products against the elements. Whereas I do not think total frizz disaster has been diverted, my hair is feeling calmer, heavier (but not is an overly-greasy way) and generally less fly-away. The smoothness of my hair is maintained for longer during the day and it really feels so silky and soft, and is wonderfully radiant.

This photo was taken just after I had blow dried my hair. Although you can see there is still some fly away, by my usual standards, this is a marked improvement to the usual frazzled mess I am left with, post heat. All in all, very impressed! 

This range is available online.

(this post was sponsored by Aveda as a month long challenge to review their products)
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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

stole my thunder

I feel let down by these photos as I don't feel they truly represent the rich, earthy, burnt umber hue of my H&M top. This colour really is splashed all over the high street at the moment. It feels slightly fraudulent, as I think of it more as an Autumnal accent. Still love it nonetheless.

My faux fur stole is another H&M purchase. I don't know whether I just really love H&M at the moment, or if I am just biased due to its more favourable distant from my office compared to the other shops. It was less than a tenner and I would be tempted to acquire another one and maybe sew it onto the neckline of a cardigan or jumper. As for my headband, this was a New Look number and it is threaded with a wire so you can twist and bend it until your heart's content. They also have a pretty floral one which I may also have bought, as I am a sucker for hair apparel. As I very infrequently wear my hair down, I feel an added pressure to do something notable with it, rather than pop it in a ponytail everyday. Hence a plethora of hair adornments litter my room.

I hope you are all having a good week, and have taken note of my newly-fashioned 'pages' at the top of my blog? There was so much I wanted to add to Pearls & Poodles, but was nervous to over-cluttered the home page, so I felt pages were the way forward! They are still under construction, and I hope to create a blog roll page soon, but for the time being, I am pleased with them.
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Monday, 24 January 2011

nivea - pure & natural

Nivea has developed a brand new range of effective natural skincare, Pure & Natural, to be added to their already heaving collective of skin care products. Nivea brings to the masses a selection of products which boasts 95% of its ingredients deriving from natural origin, all achievable for an affordable price. The Pure & Natural range is also free from parabens, silicones, colourants and mineral oils.  

I have been using the following products for the past month or so, having had to cast aside my beloved Liz Earle regime, and I can now report on how I think this new Nivea Pure and Natural range has fared.

Milk & Honey lip balm: £1.99
Yes, a really wonderful lip balm! I love, and am routinely addicted to applying, lip balms. You will see that my current favourite is Carmex. However, this title could be in close contention with this lovely product. It is very moisturising, non-sticky and has a lovely light scent; a delicate aroma of sweet honey. The honey hydrates whilst the milk acts as a cooling and anti-inflammatory agent. It is really conditioning, leaves my lips so very soft and is a perfect primer before applying your lipstick.

Moisturising Day Cream:  £5.10
I had high hopes for this facial cream but unfortunately I really disliked this product, despite it offering ingredients of Moroccan Argan Oil and Aloe Vera. I felt it was really heavy and greasy on my face and failed to sink in and do anything remotely moisturising. It left my face feeling sticky and clammy and, although it didn’t cause any break outs or outrage on my skin, I felt if I continued to use it, it may instigate some unhappy skin. The consistency was rich and I did moderate the amount of cream I applied, but each time I was left a bit disappointed. I think I, and my skin, have become more accustomed to lighter creams and beauty serums. One thing that was very amiable was the scent. Like all these products, it is very fresh and non-offensive.

Handcream: £3.05
If you have read my blog for a while, you will be au fait with my love and need for handcream. I have mentioned a few of my favourites here, but am always on the look out for another product to add to my loved lotions list. This handcream has potential. It is very conditioning and sinks into the skin well, although the consistency was a little thinner than I prefer. It contains Argan Oil, heralded the 'hero' ingredient by Nivea, which gives the hands intense moisture and free radical protection. It certainly soothed my dry hands and gnarly cuticles. Like with all these products, the smell is light and fresh. I would definitely purchase this, especially for the price, for which you get 100ml. I have been using it for a month religiously every day, and still have a brimming tube left.

Pure & Natural Cleansing Lotion and Toner: £3.36 each
It probably wouldn't come to a shock to you that I use, and love, Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, so unfortunately anything that runs the gauntlet in the cleanser stacks automatically gets compared to this. This cleanser wasn't a match for my C&P, however, it is a good, staple product and did exactly what you would expect from a cleanser. It was mild and gentle on my skin and was impressive when removing by makeup, troublesome mascara in particular. The consistency is a loose, milky lotion, and was very lightly fragranced. I didn't think the cleansing toner was anything special at all. It didn't do anything noticeably amazing to my skin that I was evidently missing before I started using it. I can't say anything bad about the product; it was very light, fresh-smelling and gentle on my skin. But I couldn't say it has changed my life, and now I have ceased usage, I cannot comment that it added anything remarkable to my regime. 

This range will be available from 20th February 2011 and more information and stockists can be found on the Nivea website. In summary, this range offers some must-try products: the lip balm and handcream, a good, affordable cleanser, as well as some products that I think are missable; the moisturising day cream and the toner.

Is this a range you would be inclined to try?

(this post was sponsored by Nivea)
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Sunday, 23 January 2011

feel the bubbles

Currently drinking: Aero Mint Bubbles Hot Chocolate
Currently eating: Left over popcorn

I went to the cinema last night to watch Black Swan. I won't attempt some in depth critique of the film, but what I will say is, dark, mesmerising, beautiful. I highly recommend you to go and see it if you haven't already. It made me love Natalie Portman a little bit more than I already did. She was sheer brilliance. And as always, whenever I venture to the flicks, I was left with a monstrous amount of uneaten popcorn, hence my afternoon snack...sorted.

I have just returned from a hip-shakingly good workout at Zumba this morning. Now currently aching, yet joyfully revelling in the dulcet sounds of Shakira, I am about to embark in a Sunday afternoon of nothingness. I think the only thing I will strain to do is rectify my groaning wardrobe. It needs some order regained, and many an item cast aside to the charity shop. Summer dresses from three years ago, which I know I shall never wear again, adorn my rails. It's time to be ruthless.

All this shall be interjected with my mug of the moment. Aero Mint Bubbles hot chocolate. This is simply divine. 

I hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you may be up to.
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Friday, 21 January 2011

a heart throb

I'd be left aghast if you weren't aware of Illamasqua's latest collection to be released and grace the beauty altar. Throb is a seductive salutation to St Valentine, and exudes erotic sensuality and unashamedly brazen femme fatale.    
Illamasqua have released five products; three nail varnishes, one lipstick and one lipgloss, to quicken your pulses and awaken your senses. 

Below is Succubus, Illamasqua's Intense Lipgloss. A temptingly rich deep, blood-red stain which tantalises the lips with its enchanting glossy finish and captivating hue.

I was intrigued to what was a Succubus, so let me expand.
Succubus is a female demon, traced back in folklore to medieval legend. She was a seductress, appearing in dreams, taking the form of an alluring woman, to seduce men. She embodied temptation, passion and a sense of desire.
This gloss is certainly desirable. It is very thick, highly-pigmented, and best applied with a lip brush. The colour pay off is extreme, and a little goes a long way. It is a luscious lip colour, bold and unafraid.

If you are enticed by the new collection, then it is online now.
Does this get your heart throbbing?
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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sheer Delight

These are my first photos taken with my new tripod. I bought this one and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple, lightweight and supports my SLR camera. I didn’t see any point spending a small fortune on some high-tech fandangle when all I am doing is basic outfit shots, and not hanging from a rock face or undertaking anything mildly professional. I still need to toy about with the focus of the shots and the positioning of the tripod to get the maximum out of my photos, but this is satisfactory for starters. It is nice to have the freedom to take photos at my own convenience, and not have to balance my camera precariously on a window sill or a tower of shoeboxes.

This outfit hints at my current fashion obsession of the moment. Sheer. Sheer blouses to be precise. I cannot seem to quench my love for them and am currently nesting a small collection of them, in a whole host of hues. I enjoy their floaty femininity and they are the perfect transitional piece into Spring. This particular blouse is from New Look. I love the black heart detailing and the deep V neckline, rejoiced by a sweetly-tied bow.

My skirt is from H&M, which I have to say is a store that is particularly delighting me at present. H&M can be extremely hit and miss, but at the moment it is a real treasure trove and I have rummaged and beheld some wonderful pieces. This skirt is faux-leather effect, and offers a lovely rich chocolate-brown colour. Anything high-waisted is a winner for me. I have a small (ish) waist and disproportionately big hips, so I think this combination is quite flattering. I may be lying and fooling myself…I don’t know if this is best for my shape? It has deep side pockets, as well as the zip detailing down the front. My tights, barely seen, are from H&M as well and I picked them up as I found the shade quite intriguing. A dusty purple-grey.

With this ensemble I wore my trusty brogues and toted around my Mulberry Roxanne.

What do you think? Are you revelling in sheer delight with all this season's beautiful blouses?
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Sunday, 16 January 2011

let the cat out of the bag

Pink, plastic, studded with animals motifs, ever so pretty, albeit a little random.
This was a gift for Christmas and I think it is just fabulous! I love roomy wash bags, and this one is the perfect size; adequate enough for all my lotions and potions.

This particular wash bag came from a little boutique near me. The brand is Catseye by Jellycat, and after a little googling, I can proclaim to you that there are a lot of places online to browse the range, including John Lewis. I really am in dire need of a new makeup bag so have my cats-eye (!!) on this adorable pug cosmetics bag from the range!

What do you think girls?
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Friday, 14 January 2011

wrapped with woe

This is a true testament that you should never, ever rest on your laurels when a certain Alexander McQueen scarf is concerned. 

I spied this particularly scarf in a Choice store in Bluewater, a week before Christmas, whilst supposedly shopping for loved ones, rather than myself. Instantly I fell in love and vowed I would treat myself to it in the New Year. How very foolish of me...  

I have the white and black McQueen scarf and worship its silky serenity. I thought the rich purple, tinted with the gold skulls, was sensational and I have been pining for it ever since. I am now left scarf-less and mournful. I have scoured online and stores near me, but it would transpires that this little gem is well and truly sold out!

So, if you happen to witness this beauty, send it my love.
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Challenge Aveda

Challenge Anneka, no...challenge Aveda, yes!

Hair + winter conditions = a formidable equation.

Aveda claim they may behold the answer to maintaining your sleek, smooth do during these fly-away inducing conditions; cold, wind and rain. Aveda's Smooth Infusion range, a two-step daily hair system, calls upon advanced plant technology to form a new, lightweight surface that smooths each strand of hair, and softens it up to 60%. So on Wednesday night, I was invited along to visit the Aveda Institute in London's Covent Garden, and experience first hand, Aveda’s Smooth Infusion products. 

I sauntered along High Holborn, my gaze held high to ensure I didn’t miss the salon. I needn’t have feared. I was greeted by a grand, glass-fronted structure, with the neon lights of Aveda lighting my way. The whole ambience of the Aveda Institute was earthy chic. Simple, clean lines and wooden artefacts decked the space. The early birds amongst us were offered a green tea and a tour of the institute which unfurls itself over three floors. As well as hair styling, Aveda offer a selection of treatments, all bespoke to fit the clients' needs and wishes, all down to the aroma of the room whilst you receive a massage.

Once we had all congregated, we were allocated our personal stylist for the evening and so the fun began. I liked my stylist a lot. Her name was Liliane. Anyone that can tame my beastly hair is a friend for life! I spoke to Liliane about my hair and want I wanted to achieve out of the evening. I desired body and bounce, with a slight wave. We were then treated to a sensual neck and head massage, enrobed in our pre-selected oil aroma, before being whisk off to have our hair washed. You can picture the scene, a row of bloggers, suited in towels and gowns, discussing the merits of a cold rinse after your hair wash whilst the Aveda team applied the Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner to our locks. 

I enjoyed the time spent with my stylist, and over the hum of the hairdryer and interjection of tasty morsels placed in front of me, she offered some invaluable tips to look after my hair and spoke to me in depth about the Smooth Infusion range. She also attempted to teach me the art of blow-drying sections of my hair around a barrel brush. It would be fair to say, I failed miserably. It was also wonderful to see her using the products, which we have been given to review, so I knew exactly the right about of product to use and how best to make it work for my hair. I was shocked at how little Liliane used, but the way my hair felt after the blow-dry, lusciously light, bouncy and silky soft, was a true testament that less is definitely more.

Just as if the evening wasn’t plush enough, I was treated to a hand massage whilst Liliane finished of preening the voluminous coiffure that was now mirrored before me. A quick slurp of a smoothie, and it was time for our after shots. Some of the other ladies were offered a ‘before’ shot so they could draw a comparison, but unfortunately I wasn’t offered this option. Probably best after the wind and rain en route had thrashed my hair into an embarrassing state! A quick reapplication of lipstick, and it was time to get snapped. I was dreading this. I am fine taking pictures of myself, comfortable amongst a crowd of familiar faces, but point a long lens at me and ask me to smile and I crumble to a state of awkwardness. My stylist came upstairs with her tools to ensure my hair was ‘photo-perfect’. I felt the only thing that was lacking was a wind machine…

The whole evening was beyond pleasant. It was lovely to visit the Aveda Institute and experience a wonderful service by the whole team.

This is the Aveda Smooth Infusion range which I shall be trialling and reviewing for you.
All these products were used on my hair during the evening, and from first impressions, I especially liked the style-prep smoother and glossing straightener, which Liliane combined together, and applied to my damp hair. They really seemed to tame my unruly curls, and made the blow-drying process quick and painless, with minimal frizz, and left my hair ultra smooth. The range smells divine too; a fresh, citrusy, spicy aroma.

However, I think I always fall in love with my hair after I’ve been preened at the hairdressers.  It is a very different story though when you have to use the products yourself, at home, and you don't happen to have a professional on hand wielding a hair-dryer and barrel brush! 

I will be letting you know how I get on with the range, placing me and my hair in those daily perils that leave your hair frizzy and unruly. The gym, train journeys, mad dashes in the rain. I shall of course report back over the next few weeks and inform you on how I am finding the different products. If you wish to view this range or any other Aveda products, you can visit their website.

Have you tried any Aveda products, or perhaps visited their institute in London?
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

(this post, and the month long challenge to test out their products, is sponsored by Aveda)
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Thursday, 13 January 2011

you are my dancing queen

Whilst paying a fleeting homage to the River Island website, I came across these beauts.
Heralding a 70's revival and mimicking something more likely spotted on Björn than the catwalk, these shoes have certainly given me the disco fever!
I am really drawn to the gold metallic finish and chunky heel; compelling me to whip out the flares and get my boogie on. them or loathe them??
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Monday, 10 January 2011

motto monday

I love this. 
Whenever I feel down, prancing to the tunes of Miss Dolly Parton never fails to lift my spirits.

I don't really have much to report this week.
I have decluttered my blog. My sidebars to be precise. My blog is nearly a year old (January 29th 2010 was when it all began) and it has been the similar style throughout the last 12 months. Obviously tweaks have occurred, I fashioned my header, and fonts were added, changed, removed and subsequently reapplied. I have learnt that less is more in my eyes when it comes to my blog, and I am striving for a cleaner, simpler, more easily navigable space. Yet also I am in the mind set of, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" so won't veer too far away from the style you are accustomed to.

I plan to hold a blog birthday bonanza giveaway to celebrate a year in blogger-sphere and to say thank you to each one of you for following pearls & poodles. Terrific things have happened to my blog and I since I began this venture. I want to recap on my year blogging and recount all the fabulous opportunities I have had, and the lovely people I have met, whilst travelling along my blogging path.

I mentioned in an early Motto Monday post that I have started Zumba classes. I have been doing it for 6 weeks now and cannot express how much I look forward to it on a weekly basis. I was reading Victoria's post earlier today, detailing her plans to give Zumba a whirl, and to her and anyone considering it, all I can say is go for it. I know classes will vary, but I have been fortunate enough to find a brilliant instructor who delivers an awesome workout. I do a lot of running and play hockey, so it is nice to inject a choreographed variation into my fitness regime. Anyone wishing to embark on a New Year's exercise routine, then Zumba could be the answer.

A few to follow: Heather and Lauren.
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Sunday, 9 January 2011

cuticle care

Cuticles are one of those menial, yet annoying banes in life. I dislike really prominent cuticles so I do endeavour to banish them as much as possible. I will be the first to confess that I am an awful nail/cuticle picker. It is a horrible, subconscious habit. After reading Lacquerised: how to: happy cuticles last year, it made me highly motivated to take more care of my cuticles and nails, and develop a regime. Using my friends above, I have seen a marked improvement on the condition and appearance of my nails, and cuticles, in particular. This post demonstrates my current cuticle/nail state, undeniably not perfect, but miles better than they were a few months ago.

★ China Glaze Cuticle Oil: This is perfect for softening and conditioning dry, damaged cuticles, whilst also increasing the flexibility and strength of the natural nail. The oil smells a little fruity and is a special blend of five nourishing oils, including Jojoba, rice bran and antioxidant rich Vitamins A, C and E. This cuticle oil also pertains botanical extracts, such as Rosemary extract, which acts as a natural soothing and antiseptic agent. Cuticles are not only crucial for nail growth but they act as a barrier against bacteria, so you need to take care when poking and prodding them, which is why this oil is perfect because of it's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents. The applicator is just a standard nail brush and I apply a coat to each nail and then massage it in before reaching for an orange stick...

★ Orange Sticks: A pretty standard addition to any nail care ensemble. I just use the flat, tapered end and gently run it along the cuticle, removing any dead skin.

★  Sally Hansen's Cuticle Massage Cream with Apricot Oil : I simply adore this. Firstly, it smells delicious, a real medley of fruitiness. Secondly, it works wonders as an overnight treatment for your nails and cuticles. You could use it as above, in place of the cuticle oil, but I find it most effective when slathered on at night and left to nourish and soften your cuticles, ultimately improving the condition and suppleness of them. It also has made my nails seem strengthened and blessed with a glossy sheen. I probably do this once or twice a week.

Do you have a cuticle care regime?
I would love to know which products you swear by.
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Friday, 7 January 2011

top of the shops

For Christmas this year, I was kindly bestowed with a Topshop voucher as one of my gifts; always a much welcome present in my eyes, due to my sheer inability to make suggestions for presents to my family. In despair, and if all else fails, credit in Topshop is very likely to make me beam with anticipation and thankfulness.
So I thought I would scour their site and earmark some certain pieces I would very much like to purchase in the coming weeks. I have held off spending my vouchers yet as the words "carnage" and "sale" best represent my local store at the moment. Sale racks are great and I have actually sampled some hidden gems amongst the odd-sized bikinis and buttonless shirts, but I am holding out for the season's fresh stock to be exposed, and then I can really be let lose. In the meantime, I have satiated my shopping urge and concocted a visual prompt to best illustrate the items and styles I am harbouring after this season. Key colours I am yearning for: rusty browns and burnt oranges, creams, camel and navy with a hint of print and a glimmer of gold.

From left to right, top to bottom:

★ Cream Butterfly Print Fluted One Sleeve Dress £50: I saw this a while ago and love the floaty femininity of the piece. 

★ Knitted Apricot Cotton Cable Jumper £38: I am severely lacking in the knitwear department and am always cold, hence the need for some warmth and cable knit in my life.

★ Leaf Wrap Ring £5: I could quite contently indulge in all of Topshop's rings. They are awesome, but I particularly like this one. I'd wear it on my little finger.

★ Whipstitch Aztec Blanket Cape £38: Simply stunning. I love capes and the Mayan-inspired design is gorgeous.

Tiered Peterpan Blouse £36: I was first attracted to the bold mustard hue of this blouse, and the tiered detailing is lovely too. This is my must-have.

★ Ashanti Taupe Shearling Ankle Boots £95: I haven't yet toyed with any shearling in my wardrobe, but these boots are just perfect.

★ Matelot Co-ord Shorts £35: I find high-waisted shorts are very flattering on my figure and I love how I could dress these up or down, dependant on the occasion, with tucked in tees or fancy heels.

★ Petite Toffee Lace Panel Smock £40: I am attracted like a magpie to anything lace-detailed, and the colour of this smock is really unique.

★ Rust Faux Fur Pom Pom Cable Knit Headband £12: Just wonderful and completely necessary.

★ Cream Faux Fur Gilet £65: I think I may be jumping on this bandwagon a little too late in the season, but I really want a fur gilet and I am positive our UK weather will allow me a few more months to revel in this winter warmer. 

★ Sail Boat Brooch £8.50: Reminded me of Jennie.

★ Snake Print Waterfall Blouse £50: Maybe a bit Bet Lynch ?

★ Brick Crepe Fold Over Hareem Trousers £38: These structured hareems will be perfect with my brogues and the peterpan blouse. Another absolute must.

So there we have it. I really enjoyed constructing this post, if only for my visual pleasure.
Which are your favourite pieces?
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