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nivea - pure & natural

Nivea has developed a brand new range of effective natural skincare, Pure & Natural, to be added to their already heaving collective of skin care products. Nivea brings to the masses a selection of products which boasts 95% of its ingredients deriving from natural origin, all achievable for an affordable price. The Pure & Natural range is also free from parabens, silicones, colourants and mineral oils.  

I have been using the following products for the past month or so, having had to cast aside my beloved Liz Earle regime, and I can now report on how I think this new Nivea Pure and Natural range has fared.

Milk & Honey lip balm: £1.99
Yes, a really wonderful lip balm! I love, and am routinely addicted to applying, lip balms. You will see that my current favourite is Carmex. However, this title could be in close contention with this lovely product. It is very moisturising, non-sticky and has a lovely light scent; a delicate aroma of sweet honey. The honey hydrates whilst the milk acts as a cooling and anti-inflammatory agent. It is really conditioning, leaves my lips so very soft and is a perfect primer before applying your lipstick.

Moisturising Day Cream:  £5.10
I had high hopes for this facial cream but unfortunately I really disliked this product, despite it offering ingredients of Moroccan Argan Oil and Aloe Vera. I felt it was really heavy and greasy on my face and failed to sink in and do anything remotely moisturising. It left my face feeling sticky and clammy and, although it didn’t cause any break outs or outrage on my skin, I felt if I continued to use it, it may instigate some unhappy skin. The consistency was rich and I did moderate the amount of cream I applied, but each time I was left a bit disappointed. I think I, and my skin, have become more accustomed to lighter creams and beauty serums. One thing that was very amiable was the scent. Like all these products, it is very fresh and non-offensive.

Handcream: £3.05
If you have read my blog for a while, you will be au fait with my love and need for handcream. I have mentioned a few of my favourites here, but am always on the look out for another product to add to my loved lotions list. This handcream has potential. It is very conditioning and sinks into the skin well, although the consistency was a little thinner than I prefer. It contains Argan Oil, heralded the 'hero' ingredient by Nivea, which gives the hands intense moisture and free radical protection. It certainly soothed my dry hands and gnarly cuticles. Like with all these products, the smell is light and fresh. I would definitely purchase this, especially for the price, for which you get 100ml. I have been using it for a month religiously every day, and still have a brimming tube left.

Pure & Natural Cleansing Lotion and Toner: £3.36 each
It probably wouldn't come to a shock to you that I use, and love, Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, so unfortunately anything that runs the gauntlet in the cleanser stacks automatically gets compared to this. This cleanser wasn't a match for my C&P, however, it is a good, staple product and did exactly what you would expect from a cleanser. It was mild and gentle on my skin and was impressive when removing by makeup, troublesome mascara in particular. The consistency is a loose, milky lotion, and was very lightly fragranced. I didn't think the cleansing toner was anything special at all. It didn't do anything noticeably amazing to my skin that I was evidently missing before I started using it. I can't say anything bad about the product; it was very light, fresh-smelling and gentle on my skin. But I couldn't say it has changed my life, and now I have ceased usage, I cannot comment that it added anything remarkable to my regime. 

This range will be available from 20th February 2011 and more information and stockists can be found on the Nivea website. In summary, this range offers some must-try products: the lip balm and handcream, a good, affordable cleanser, as well as some products that I think are missable; the moisturising day cream and the toner.

Is this a range you would be inclined to try?

(this post was sponsored by Nivea)


H said...

I've always heard about Milk & Honey balm on US blogs, si I'm glad it'll be available here to add to my lipbalm addiction!

Kelly said...

Love the look of the balm, and I always need a good quality hand cream as my hands get a battering.


The Fashion Teller said...

Nivea is ov a very classic and well built up brand but I know what you mean by some of their face creams being too rich. One I tried before made my skin feel so slimy and oily! Yuck!
However, the lip balm you have looked at here looks fab and like you, I am constantly applying lip balm or the 8 hour cream to my lips as they are just so chapped and dry at the moment :(

Fab review huni! xxx

AgataP said...

love NIVEA :D this hand cream is fantastic!

Amey Jane said...

I really like Nivea's products. It's usually hand creams and lip balms that I go for so I will be excited to try the two new ones when they hit the shelves.

EllysMakeupbag said...

I cannot wait to try that lipbalm, i adore the smell of honey.

Lucy said...

I love the look of the lipbalm, although I'm not sure I can tear myself away from my Neutrogena hand cream :)


Rainbows and Buttons

Fashion By He said...

great post! love the blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion by He

"this fashion lark." said...

Amazing review, your blog is awsome x

Kerrymarie said...

are you going to do any fitness/diet posts milly?

Kate said...

Great review, I love nivea lip balms so I really want to try this new one x

G A B Y said...

Oh wow, everything looks lovely, especially the lipbalm, it looks yummy (= And the day cream's texture seems perfect!

Fern said...

NOMNOM the lipstick makes me want ot eat it... i feel like a freak now! haha, lovely reviews :) xxx

Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

Milk and Honey will be mine! I've always wanted it..

I used a Nivea toner before and I quite liked it but it was nothing outstanding..

Laura said...

I'd love to see how you get on with the lipbalm (exciting I know...haha) I suffer with the worst dry lips 99% of the year and still haven't found a balm that works particularly well. I like Nivea as a whole, it just doesn't grab me as a must have... xx

Catherine said...

I'll definitely be recommending these to my sister as she suffers from sensitive skin & has to be careful about what she uses.

Great blog btw :)

Catherine x

Tamara said...

I love this lip balm also, smells FAB!

BTW I just nominated you for a blog prize on my have a look, I just love reading your posts

Charlene said...

I gave you an Award, please check it out on my blog:

Charlene xxxx

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