Saturday, 29 January 2011

Challenge Aveda

"With 40 percent of women seeking smooth, straight, frizz-free hair, Aveda’s 4-step smoothing system, Smooth Infusion, was designed to help achieve these results—leaving hair chic, straight and manageable for 12 hours."

So for the past few weeks, since my wonderful visit to the Aveda Institute, my hair has been indulged in their Smooth Infusion range. I have tantalised my tresses with the Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner, and have massaged my mane with the Style-Prep Smoother and Glossing Straightener prior to styling.

Firstly, all the products smell divine. The salon that I frequent use a lot of Aveda products, so the smell instantly instils a feeling of pampering and serenity. I felt I was recreating all the luxury of a visit to my hairdressers, right at home in my bathroom. Spiced with a citrus zing and a woody undertone, this is definitely one of the most fragrantly pleasing hair ranges I have used.

The shampoo, £14.50 (250ml) is lovely. The formulation is rich, but not too much so that it stubbornly lingers after you have rinsed it off. It is a joy to use and lathers up beautifully. To say I have thick hair would be an understatement, and I do find myself having to use a substantial amount of shampoo each time I wash my hair. However, the Smooth Infusion shampoo seemed to coat the entirety of my hair, whilst using only a limited amount of product. I find it hard to say much more about shampoo, other than it leaves my hair feeling cleansed and smooth. Some shampoos I use tend to make my hair feel stripped and dry before applying the conditioner, but this was quite the contrary.

The conditioner, £16.50 (200ml) is the perfect accompaniment for the shampoo, and continues to bestow a wonderful bouquet of herbal scents. The formulation didn’t feel heavy at all, but still rich and really did glide onto my hair and left it feeling so soft and nourished. It has notably improved the condition of the ends of my hair which are always a little rogue, and has really made an improvement to the suppleness and shine of my hair too. It is always my fear when reviewing haircare products, not to paraphrase all of those deliberate hair clichés, in fear of sounding like an annoying advert, but unfortunately this range does command all the clichés and more!

Once I had washed and towel dried my hair, I applied the two styling products. The style-prep smoother, £18 (100ml) and the glossing straightener, £18.50 (125ml). When I was at the Institute earlier this month, my stylist showed me the quantity of product I should be using on my hair. I was aghast as I would have easily have opted to use two or three times more, thinking my thick, unruly mane needed even more product to be tamed. Alas, she demonstrated that you do only need a very small amount, a five pence size of each product at the most. My stylist used an equal measure of the style-prep smoother and the glossing straightener, harmonized the two globules between her hands and then lightly coated my damp hair, ensuring equal distribution, and paying particular attention to the ends and not placing too much on my root area. I have been following the exemplary example set to me and do simply love the way my hair is instantly more manageable. Despite not quite being able to mirror the amazing blow dry I experienced at the Institute, I am slowly learning, and after using the Smooth Infusion range, my hair seems so calm and easily styled. I believe it takes me less time to blow dry it, and requires less abuse from my hair straighteners as well. A win win situation!

As their name suggests, the whole ethos of this range is to promote smooth, frizz-free hair, achieved by using their 4-step smoothing system, and leaving hair chic, straight and manageable for 12 hours. Every day, we are fraught with frizz-inducing perils, which leaves our hair far from the sleek and polished coiffure we left the house with. Whether it be the tube journey to work, the gym or your weekly sports match, frizz is unavoidable.

Having experienced a few tube journeys recently, and considering I am always undertaking some sort of sport or other, I believe I certainly have road tested these products against the elements. Whereas I do not think total frizz disaster has been diverted, my hair is feeling calmer, heavier (but not is an overly-greasy way) and generally less fly-away. The smoothness of my hair is maintained for longer during the day and it really feels so silky and soft, and is wonderfully radiant.

This photo was taken just after I had blow dried my hair. Although you can see there is still some fly away, by my usual standards, this is a marked improvement to the usual frazzled mess I am left with, post heat. All in all, very impressed! 

This range is available online.

(this post was sponsored by Aveda as a month long challenge to review their products)


DaintyMakeup said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! So sleek and lovely :) My hair is the worst for frizzing throughout the day so I may have to invest into some of these products, although the price tag is a bit off putting for me!

Kristina said...

great post dear :)


jessica rose said...

everything looks lovely. my mum always used to buy Aveda so I had the very best hair at the age of eight haha! It's such a great brand & glad it's getting more popular.

EllysMakeupbag said...

Wow, your hair is so shiny!

Glitter and Love said...

These products look fabulous!! My hair is thicky and frizzy and curly so these are the sort of products I am always looking for :)

Lisa xx

YASMINE said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Aveda, never tried it before... I use Kerastase & I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking to it for yearrrrrs to come as it's so amazing (& "THE" best worldwide)...

I sent u an email asking u if u knew how to sign ur name at the end of each post, cause I'm a new blogger & still figuring technicalities out... Would u help me pls?


Beatrice said...

I love your hair.
Just wondering, how well does this work on dry hair? My hair can get real brittle and dry, just want to know how moisturising it is.

Alex said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! I'm sold, I shall most certainly be giving this a try!

Courtney said...

Lovely post, very interesting! Your hair looks amazing! xx

Aimee said...

Wow, your hair looks perfectly smooth! It must feel great when you run your hands through it! Haha that sounds weird, but I like playing with my friends' hair. Anyway, you make me really want to try this out! Thanks for the heads up on these products, and great post, darling.


Milly said...

great comments, thank you girls.

@yasmine - the best website to get a signature for your blog is


Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

your hair looks amazing
Scrapbook de la Emma

Sia said...

Looking FAB!! X

YASMINE said...

Thanks hun !

MissMathful said...

the colour of your hair is gorgeous in this pic :)

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