Friday, 14 January 2011

Challenge Aveda

Challenge Anneka, no...challenge Aveda, yes!

Hair + winter conditions = a formidable equation.

Aveda claim they may behold the answer to maintaining your sleek, smooth do during these fly-away inducing conditions; cold, wind and rain. Aveda's Smooth Infusion range, a two-step daily hair system, calls upon advanced plant technology to form a new, lightweight surface that smooths each strand of hair, and softens it up to 60%. So on Wednesday night, I was invited along to visit the Aveda Institute in London's Covent Garden, and experience first hand, Aveda’s Smooth Infusion products. 

I sauntered along High Holborn, my gaze held high to ensure I didn’t miss the salon. I needn’t have feared. I was greeted by a grand, glass-fronted structure, with the neon lights of Aveda lighting my way. The whole ambience of the Aveda Institute was earthy chic. Simple, clean lines and wooden artefacts decked the space. The early birds amongst us were offered a green tea and a tour of the institute which unfurls itself over three floors. As well as hair styling, Aveda offer a selection of treatments, all bespoke to fit the clients' needs and wishes, all down to the aroma of the room whilst you receive a massage.

Once we had all congregated, we were allocated our personal stylist for the evening and so the fun began. I liked my stylist a lot. Her name was Liliane. Anyone that can tame my beastly hair is a friend for life! I spoke to Liliane about my hair and want I wanted to achieve out of the evening. I desired body and bounce, with a slight wave. We were then treated to a sensual neck and head massage, enrobed in our pre-selected oil aroma, before being whisk off to have our hair washed. You can picture the scene, a row of bloggers, suited in towels and gowns, discussing the merits of a cold rinse after your hair wash whilst the Aveda team applied the Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner to our locks. 

I enjoyed the time spent with my stylist, and over the hum of the hairdryer and interjection of tasty morsels placed in front of me, she offered some invaluable tips to look after my hair and spoke to me in depth about the Smooth Infusion range. She also attempted to teach me the art of blow-drying sections of my hair around a barrel brush. It would be fair to say, I failed miserably. It was also wonderful to see her using the products, which we have been given to review, so I knew exactly the right about of product to use and how best to make it work for my hair. I was shocked at how little Liliane used, but the way my hair felt after the blow-dry, lusciously light, bouncy and silky soft, was a true testament that less is definitely more.

Just as if the evening wasn’t plush enough, I was treated to a hand massage whilst Liliane finished of preening the voluminous coiffure that was now mirrored before me. A quick slurp of a smoothie, and it was time for our after shots. Some of the other ladies were offered a ‘before’ shot so they could draw a comparison, but unfortunately I wasn’t offered this option. Probably best after the wind and rain en route had thrashed my hair into an embarrassing state! A quick reapplication of lipstick, and it was time to get snapped. I was dreading this. I am fine taking pictures of myself, comfortable amongst a crowd of familiar faces, but point a long lens at me and ask me to smile and I crumble to a state of awkwardness. My stylist came upstairs with her tools to ensure my hair was ‘photo-perfect’. I felt the only thing that was lacking was a wind machine…

The whole evening was beyond pleasant. It was lovely to visit the Aveda Institute and experience a wonderful service by the whole team.

This is the Aveda Smooth Infusion range which I shall be trialling and reviewing for you.
All these products were used on my hair during the evening, and from first impressions, I especially liked the style-prep smoother and glossing straightener, which Liliane combined together, and applied to my damp hair. They really seemed to tame my unruly curls, and made the blow-drying process quick and painless, with minimal frizz, and left my hair ultra smooth. The range smells divine too; a fresh, citrusy, spicy aroma.

However, I think I always fall in love with my hair after I’ve been preened at the hairdressers.  It is a very different story though when you have to use the products yourself, at home, and you don't happen to have a professional on hand wielding a hair-dryer and barrel brush! 

I will be letting you know how I get on with the range, placing me and my hair in those daily perils that leave your hair frizzy and unruly. The gym, train journeys, mad dashes in the rain. I shall of course report back over the next few weeks and inform you on how I am finding the different products. If you wish to view this range or any other Aveda products, you can visit their website.

Have you tried any Aveda products, or perhaps visited their institute in London?
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

(this post, and the month long challenge to test out their products, is sponsored by Aveda)


Tiffany said...

You look gorgeous, Milly! Not awkward at all but I know what you mean. I'm the Queen of Awkward. :) x

milkteef said...

Your hair honestly looks AMAZING. Wish I'd have got to go! Looking forward to your review xx

Jennifer said...

I love Aveda. I use alot of their products. I have tried many of the shampoos including smooth infusion, but my favorite will always be Shampure because I love the smell and it seems balancing for my hair. I also love the Damage Remedy Daily Treatment and Brilliant Damage Control Spray for my heat protectant/detangler.

Nicola said...

Your hair looks amazing - so bouncy! I haven't ever tried any aveda products so can't wait to hear what you think :) xx

Kelly said...

I haven't tried Aveda products, but my friend swears by them.
Your hair looks lovely, but I know what you mean about loving the "just stepped out the salon" hair. Looking forward to hearing about the range.


The Fashion Teller said...

Ahhhh lovely post darling and you were very lucky to get the chance to go!! Your look a true beaut in your pciture too!!!! xxx

Kerrymarie said...

that's a gorgeous picture of you! I love your hair this colour! :)

Beatrice said...

I hate taking photos. Whether I take them or someone else does. Its weird smiling because someone tells you to. You look lovely though! I could not tell you felt awkward at all. Love your hair.

I really like the anecdotal way you write your posts! Especially at the beginning, felt like I was reading a story.

*Zoe* said...

Wow, your hair looks fab!
Zoe x
Click here for my blog, DiamondSolitaire

DaintyMakeup said...

You look gorgeous in the photo and you're hair looks so sleek and lovely! I can't wait for the reviews :)
Did you get your top from new look, I think I have the same one but in a bluey colour!


Milly said...

thank you for your comments girls.
And yes @daintymakeup, my blouse is indeed from New Look x

Sia said...

Sounds like you had a great time! x

Miss EBlog said...

You look gorgeous darling :) xx

nitro_glyzerin said...

You really look gorgeous in that picture. :-)
I've tried a few things by aveda but they never seemed to do anything outstanding for me.
What I would recommend is to try the phytojoba shampoo by phyto. It's incredible how soft my hair feels afterwards :-)


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