Monday, 31 May 2010

The day i met Andrew Collinge

Last month, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a small, low-key soiree at Andrew Collinge's flat in London!
 It was a chance for Andrew to have his first interactive experience with us beauty bloggers, and for us to gain an insight into his business, the products he brings to the market and to have our own hair fluffed and scrutinised by the man himself!
So who is the man behind the diffuser...??
An extract from his website (

"Andrew Collinge is one of the most sought after hairdressers in the world and an international Ambassador for the industry. There are very few areas of the hairdressing industry that have not been benefited from the influence, creativity and expertise of Andrew Collinge. "

Holy moly! After reading that, I felt like I was meeting hairdressing royalty, so I gave the coiffeur a quick comb, and rocked up to his flat, bang on time!
To our shock and girlish excitement, we were met by the man himself who ushered us upstairs to his roof terrace, where we were greeted with oodles of wine and copious amounts of gorgeous grub!
So good! :) 
Once settled down on the stylish sofas, Andrew began an informal introduction to the evening. He seemed extremely down to earth, genuine and wonderfully humble of his hair-raising achievements!
He invited us to ask any burning barnet-related questions, and as we discuss the merits of co-washing and the best type of care for coloured hair, our glasses were quenched and sushi rolls were swept around the room for our delectation.
It soon became apparent that Andrew really is an inspiration and puts a huge amount of pride and passion into his work. We were lucky enough to be treated to a live performance of his talent, as he showcased a beehive bun and a fishtail plait, beautifully modelled here by Fleur.

♥ Andrew working his magic! ♥

♥ And voila! Simples...♥

It was a wonderfully unique evening and I felt extremely grateful to be amongst a handful of other bloggers, given such a fortunate experience to share our hair woes and worries, with Mr Collinge.
Before the evening faded to night, and we embarked on the journey home, we were summoned one by one to toss our tousled locks for Andrew's scrutiny. We were all offered a bespoke goodie bag to meet our hair's needs! :)
Because my hair has recently been dyed within an inch of it's lickle follicle's life, Andrew kindly proffered some colour-treated specific hair care products for me to enjoy!
♥ Salon Shampoo and Conditioner for Lustrous Brunette ♥
"revives flat brunettes to restore radiance & luminous shine"
♥ Andrew's 'Purity' range - "professional performance naturally"
Colour Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner
♥ Salon styling heat defence Spray & Shine On Salon Serum ♥
I am currently using these products and am really enjoying them, especially the purity range. They seem extremely nourishing and non abrasive on my hair, and have made it supeeer soft!
(not to mention the yummy smell!)
Also, I am a big fan of serums. My hair is so dry and curly, it really warrants a serum before I start frazzling it. I remember purchasing this serum a few years ago, and I am pleased I received this in my goodie bag as it has reminded me how much I love it! :)
Just for your info, Andrew Collinge's range is sold at Boots and at Superdrug if fancy checking it out! :)

I would just like to thank Andrew and his team for opening his fancy doors to us and sharing his fabulous wealth of knowledge with us mere mortals! It was thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational - so many thanks to all concerned.
Sweeties - let me know if you have tried any of Andrew Collinge's hair products? 
I'd love to hear your muses on them.
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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Embracing the Harem

♥ Hey munchkins ♥
So last night, myself and probably a zillion million other highly excitable and squealing girlies, marched off to the flicks and sat down in anticipation for the Sex and the City 2 movie to grace the big screen!
I am obviously not going to divulge any of the juicy gossip here on my blog...but needless to say, it was as fluffy and fickle as I anticipated! :) I loved it SO very much - it was truly fabulous and I am already planning my next excursion to watch it again! (loser I hear you chant!)
So I thought I would quickly showcase my outfit for the night. I met my best chum and pranced off for some Mexicano foodage and a drinkie before the epic event!
♥ Brown wedges - Faith
♥ Cream harem pants - H&M £7.99!!
♥ Cream heart body - Topshop £15
♥ Snazzy jazzy jacket - H&M £29.99
♥ Earrings and bangles - Accessorize

I know you can't really see my makeup, and that's because I had just slapped on another layer once I had returned from work, so I was avoiding any close ups! But I have MAC's Costa Chic on my lippies! :)
And I just tied my hair back with a squiffy quiff at the front, reinforced with oodles of hairspray, because I did not have the patience to wrestle with my unruly mop tonight! :) 
What do you think pumpkins? 
I am just embracing the harem pant trend and have to say, I am fully converted. 
Once terrified of looking like a failed Aladdin wannabe, I am now whole heartedly a pantaloon lover!
♥ Are you rocking the Arabian Night chic?? ♥ 
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Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Summer Smell

♥ Hey sweeties ♥
Whenever I go on holiday, I like to loiter in duty-free and pick up a new fragrance. Ultimately, this new smell will become synonymous with the trip! 
So when Sophie and I jetted off to NYC, we spotted this little beautie, and it seemed rude not to pick it up!
Firstly because it is the new Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance and it only seemed apt to purchase it seeing as we were skipping off to the home of SJP and Sex and the City! actually smells delicious. Very light and fruity. It is describes as a strawberry based floral...with  whiff of vaguely exotic flowers and a peach-apricot jam undertone at the heart.
I really do love this scent and whenever I spritz it...I am flooded with happy NYC memories of strolling down 5th and chomping on a pretzel...
So obviously, not one to miss a marketing ploy...this new SJP fragrance ties in seamlessly with the release of the 2nd SATC movie...hand up if you're exciteddddd?! 
I have my ticket all booked for the release this Friday, and shall be donning my Louboutins (i wish...) and spending the evening with my bessie friend and cocktails, immersing ourselves in the fabulousness of those four ladies!
Have any of you lovelies tried this new perfume?
Let me know your thoughts!
And  who's off to the see the film this weekend...? :) 
♥ I am particularly relishing the thought of this certain smexy beefcake making an appearance! ♥
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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Oooh La La

♥ Bonjour ma petite crumpets! ♥
I just thought I would share with you my OOTD for workies today.
 The sun was shining and I had found this beauty from H&M over the weekend which I fancied giving a whirl...
Top - H&M - £12.99!! Bargainlicious...
Pearl Studs - River Island
I adore this top, mainly because of the collaboration between nautical chic and gorgeous fine shoulder detailing...
Tres pretty...!
Feel quite oooh la la francais when i wear this :)
Sorry I couldn't get a full length shot but the top is long enough to wear comfortably with leggings or bare legs in the summer with flippys.
I bought it one size bigger than i would normally need, so it was a little looser, and stretchy over the shoulders.
Just in case you were pondering, my lippie is MAC Viva Glam Cyndi and my lashes are courtesy of the much coveted Covergirl mascara, a fabby purchase from the local Walgreens in New York! :)
J'adore! Et tu??
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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sleek Goodie Bag

I am very aware that this post is long over due, but I thought I would divulge some of the lovely goodies I received in my goodie bag, after I attended the Sleek Makeup Event.
You can read all about the fun and frolics and mini hotdogs that were consumed on my post...just clicky here!

Gorgeous purple Kajal liner in Odyssey
This soft and smooth eye crayon is such a lovely, rich hue and is perfect for lining the eyes for a pop of colour!

Fun filled makeup manual full of tips and tricks.

The new, wonderfully colourful Circus palette, released next month.
Haven't yet toyed with any of the colours but there is a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes! Perfect for some cute summer looks!

Some fake eyelashes
Looking forward to giving these a whirl next weekend!

Pretty nail polishes in Turquoise and Pastel Pink
You can win some of these polishes if you enter my yummy giveaway!

A really rich, gloppy bright lip pout polish in Raspberry Souffle!
I am not really a fan of lip gloss and general gloopiness on the lips, but I am tres impressed with the colour intensity and conditioning feeling of this lip polish!

And then, the creme de la creme...the Sleek Makeup brushes. These are fabby brushes...I am so chuffed we got given these! :)

Thanks again Sleek Makeup for a really fabulous day and the gorgeous goodies.
So beauties, have you tried any Sleek products recently and what are you liking?
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Monday, 24 May 2010

bag friend

And I think it's love... sunny Saturday, myself and the gorgeous Claire headed London bound for some dinner and drinkies...and some divine deviation!

Hot stepping it down Oxford Street and oooh, hellooo Selfridges (Mecca)...! 
After a cheeky Starbs and a meander around the makeup counters, it was time to pay a visit to bag heaven... A place where angels harmonise as each little bag is revealed from their dust bag!

Queuing for Louis...

Louis catching some rays amongst the daisies...
(LV Speedy 35 Monogram FYI...)

My new bf is hot stuff and I am so proud to have him dangling off my arm! :)
Sooo lovelies, how do you rate the new bf...?!
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Sunday, 23 May 2010

In London Town

Yesterday it seemed Mrs Sunshine graced the whole of the UK with some delightful rays and delicious warmth, so it only seemed apt to skip amongst the daisies and enjoy every sun-kissed minute of the day.
This is what I wore for a wondrous day in London, shopping (a certain special purchase shall follow this post...) and enjoying some Pimm's o'clock in Covent Garden!

Top - H&M
Jeggings - Topshop
Gold twisted arm bangle - Accessorize
Brushed gold studs - Accessorize
Bag - Mulberry Roxanne

Pink flower ring - Accessorize
Gold feather pendant - Accessorize

I hope you girlies had an equally gorgeously sunny day?
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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New York, New York - Day 4

So I am home sweet home after a truly fantabulous, whirlwind of an adventure in New York City. 
I apologise my blog has been flooded with NYC posts recently. I hope you don't mind too much, but pinky promise that normal blogging shall resume shortly!

Today was our last day in the Big (yummy) Apple, so we made the most of every last peanut butter filled minute. We started the day with an open top bus tour around the Central Park and Harlem. It was about a 2 hour guided tour, and it was a wondrous feeling for us to just sit and absorb all the chaos down below. Starbucks in hand, the wind through our locks, sunnies on...perfection!

Then, after some frantic packing and one last shifty in Sephora, we jumped on board a boat cruise to witness the infamous sighting on the Statue of Liberty. It was blinking freezing on the deck...but definitely worth it for capturing some fab piccies like these...

After the boat cruise, it was a quick dash back to the hotel, grabbing a cheeky pretzel en route, to make tracks back to JFK and bunny hop on to our flight.

We arrived home sleepy, safe and sound this morning and I am still just revelling in the whole experience.  Sadly that is all from my Bloggers in the Big City diary, but before I resume normal blogging again, I just want to say a final thank you to Sophie who so very kindly swept me off to New York with her. And also, thanks to Sleek Makeup for giving us this truly special opportunity in the first place.

One final word on the matter...I heart New York
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Monday, 17 May 2010

New York, New York - Day 3

Another day in New York City and another sumptuous sunshine graced the skies as we primped and primed ourselves for the NYC Make Up Show.
Obligatory Starbucks in hand, we rocked downtown to the Metropolitan Pavillon where a gaggle of caffeine fuelled and preened girls loitered with intent.

We moseyed in and were overwhelmed with pigments, lotions and potions at every turn!
Our eyes lit up however when we saw Mecca...!

It was every woman for themselves in this intimate space, and it was makeup brushes at dawn if anyone, god forbidden, stole your kabuki!

Sophie and I loitered at Makeup Forever for quite a while, fondling the foundations and primers! But the queue was truly mahooosive. It was definitely the most popular area for sure...! It proved our lie in this morning was punishing us for it now!

The highlight of the day was definitely meeting up with YINKA, an absolutely gorgeously infectious UK beauty blogger  who was spending some time in NYC!

This was my first make up type event, so I didn't have any preconceived conceptions of what to expect. I thought it was a fabulous set up, with so much to delight the eyes (ahem...naked males) and sooo many different and unheard of brands. My only downfall was, my lack of knowledge of all the brands that were featured there. In future, I would definitely do my research more so I could feel a little bit more knowledgeable! But I am so very appreciative to Sleek Make Up for allowing us the opportunity to attend such an event, and it was a fabulous experience for me! :)

NY Make Up Show done...we bunny hopped back onto the bus and headed further downtown for a little meander around Chinatown, Little Italy and SoHo.

I highly enjoyed fondling the fake bling!
Chinatown was a colourful maze of restaurants, stalls and delis. The fragrant smell of Chinese food wafted around us as we bartered for some sunnies and were barraged with offers of 'Chanel' bags, for a VERY good price...!

Next stop was a perusal round SoHo, and we felt like we had come home/gone to heaven when we stumbled upon this beaut!

Our choice of transportation today was the open top bus! Perfect on such a sparkly sunshine day! It is a fabulous concept...just hop on and hop off where ever you choose...! We made full use of this today to save our precious footsies from all that pavement pounding!

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