Friday, 26 March 2010

All dressed up & nowhere to go

Happy Friday
Tomorrow is my birthday and tonight I was supposedly meant to be celebrating with some work chums. But, sadly, we had to postponed the drinkie poos at the last minute! So, it transpired, I was literally all dressed up, with nowhere to go! Ha...

So rather than waste the pretty outfit, I will share it with you lovelies, and we can all sit back and share a drinkie or three together! :)

The dress is from Topshop and it was after I saw Claudia Winkleman (the gorgeous fringy woman) wearing it on TV, that I knew I had to have it! I love the pink colour, the lace, the frills! It's so yummy and ballerina-esque! :)

I teamed it with my favourite bootsies of the moment. Again...these are from Topshop and are my current foot candy.

Ha, so there we go! Happy birthday to me!! I twirled about in it for a while when I got home but now, as I type, I have doned my Juicy trackie and am slurping a glass of Rose! Now that is Rock 'n Roll.
I hope you all have had a lovely sunny Friday and are looking forward to a frivolous weekend!
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Monday, 8 March 2010

retail therapy

Yippee...Monday is over. I day down, 4 to go... Although I am feeling rather smug with myself as I have this week off work to spend time with my bf. We are enjoying some a few days off and making the most of every day, scheduling little day trips out and catching up with friends! On Wednesday, we are off to Tamworth SnowDome which is uber exciting! We have decided to learn to shoop shoop snowboard! Eeek! Little bit random but we have always dreamed of getting some winter sun but before enbarking to the Alps, skis in hand, we thought we had better see if, firstly, we enjoyed it and secondly, we could actually stay upright for more than 10 seconds!
I will keep you updated!

Anyhows...back to what I've been buying recently.
So as you are all aware, the new MAC collecions came out last week. There was the Too Fabulous Collection which focused mainly on lips and cheeks - mineralised blushes and pretty cremesheen glasses.

And then there was the Spring Colour Forecast Collections ~ Pink, Coral, Plum and Amber, bringing us a selection of gorgeous lippies, Blush Ombres, lipglasses and shadows.

I only bought two things initially when these collections came out. Stupidly, I thought I would go back later and peruse more in depth and pick up a few more bits...but silly Milly didnt anticipate how popular some of the products would be and now a few of the items I was lusting after have sold out! Boo.

So I picked up...
Victorian lipstick
Rhasody in Two Mineralised Blush (Duo)

Victorian lippie is a beautiful pink frost with gold pigments running through it. I couldn't believe that I almost passed up on getting this until my lovely twitter buddy Bicky got her hands on it and she convinced me that I needed this lipstick in my life!! And she was so right. I'd like to describe it as a grown up Barbie pink! It's just divine!

Rhapsody in Two is a gorgeous Mineralised Blush. I have quite a few m/b duos already, and I personally love the pigmentation and the shimmer finish you get from them. This one is no different and doesn't disappoint. It is a combination of a stunning peachy coral and baby pink, swirled together into a delightful yummy mixture. It's how I imagine Ripe Peach Ombre Blush to be...minus the shimmeriness!! I however won't ever find out as it is SOLD OUT everywhere...sniff!!

Today, Rob and I sauntered down to Cambridge for a little amble about in the sunshine, and I found myself being drawn towards Primark...against my own will you understand! I was drooling over darling Paula's recent Primarni haul and it had inspired me to go and have a recky and a rummage and see what I could behold...

The infamous Chanel-esque quilted bag that has been banging around every blog and website possible! Not wanting to feel left out... :) ~ £6
Tan brown pumps with gold detailing ~ £8

Pretty baby blue floral print tea dress, with puff sleeves and back lace panelling ~ £13!!
So...a rather bargainlicious trip if I do say so myself! :)

Let me know if you have indulged in the new MAC collections or have found any gems in Primark recently?
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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Things I like to bake!

I first got into making cupcakes last year when I was raising money for my London Marathon campaign. I made a few batches on a whim, and took them into my office to sell. I also sold some at local Farmer's Markets, and to my pure delight, they went down a storm! :)

I soon discovered an unleashed passion within and since then, I have been baking and creating. I have been lucky enough to cater for some birthday parties and other functions, but regardless of whether I'm being commisioned or not, I just love them!
So I thought I'd share some of my cupcake delights for you all to drool over :) tee hee!
If anyone wants any tips for creating something similar, please feel free to comment/email me! I really will never get bored of cupcake chatter.

Let me know if you share my love of cute cupcakes...??
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