Friday, 19 November 2010

Treating Your Tresses: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I blogged the first in my series of hair treatments post in which I reviewed the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Shusu Sleek Smoothing Treatment Mask, which really is sheer amazingness in a tub! I absolutely love this hair masque and would highly recommend it to the masses wishing to achieve gorgeously conditioned and deeply-treated hair.

Dismally, I am not quite as ecstatic about the second product to review.

Philip Kingsley products get an awful lot of hype and exposure, especially their cult Elasticizer, and merely by googling said treatment, I was faced with a multitude of raves and hallelujahs about this wonderment. So needless to say, I was flooded with the utmost excitement and anticipation to try this treatment out. 

But please take note at this point, I was using the Elasticizer Extreme which is different to the normal Elasticizer. The Extreme version is for hair that is extremely thirsty, dry and porous and in need of instant replenishment, hydration and nourishment. I chose this treatment as I felt my hair was an extreme case and in dire need of all of the above and more, especially as it is suited to coarse, curly and damaged hair.
(in hindsight I think the normal Elasticizer would have been better suited.)

So with shower cap in hand (provided with the product) I slathered on the scentless, and highly luxurious cream, onto damp hair, donned the shower cap and proceeded with my bathing ritual as per usual. It suggests leaving the treatment on for 20-30 minutes. With any treatment, I will drown my hair with it for as long as possible and do not believe there is any harm to extend the time as lengthily as you see fit. I have a vast, thick, troublesome mane so left mine on for 40 minutes.

The Elasticizer range is a pre-shampooing conditioning treatment which means, due to the intensity, and ingredients used to carry the treatment to the hair cuticles, it needs to be shampooed out otherwise hair would be left lank, sticky and without shine.

I followed all advice to the tee but was sadly, and lankily, left a little bit lacklustre. 
My hair was left sticky and tacky despite a whole dedication of shampooing and conditioning to wash the treatment out. I also was faced with the mortifying discovery half way through blowdrying my hair, and running late for a hot date, that remnants of the treatment were still loitering in my hair and further ruthlessness under the shower-head was required to eradicated this sticky situation!

This was my first experience with the Elasticizer Extreme, but like the hardened beauty blogger I am, I went back for another trial.
I noted that:
I need to apply a lot less product
I need to be more meticulous with my shampooing. Haphazardness shall not do here.

I followed my own advice and the results were a lot more pleasing ie: my hair was not sticky, and there were no mischievous globules left behind harbouring in my barnet.

I have tried to be fair to this product and have used it a few more times, but I really do not think it is doing anything magical for my hair. I think the consistency is too rich and is very difficult to wash out. Even once I had mastered the correct ratio of product to hair, I didn't find it left my hair feeling noticeably shinier, bouncier or manageable.

All in all, a little miffed with this product from such a highly-acclaimed haircare specialist brand. All I can hope is that the Extreme was too...extreme for my hair and maybe, possibly, the Elasticizer would be better suited, although I did tick all the Elaticizer Extreme boxes.

This treatment, along with the whole Philip Kingsley hair range is available from feelunique, who do actually have a veritable feast of haircare treatments and other delights for purse-happy prices.

I'd love to know your thoughts if you have tried any of the PK Elasticizer products, or if you have ever been disheartened with certain cult products?


Leigh said...

Just a random comment, what camera do you use:)? xxx

*Onna's Little Blog* said...

I hate it when treament leave you hair like that! I want swishy golden hair, not a gloopy greasy mess! I hope the Elasticizer orginal is much better! Good Luck with your quest for luscious locks milly :) loving these reviews x

Aysh said...

aw thanks for this review huny! I'd also heard a lot of hype about this product. :| Am loving these reviews darl, finding them extremely helpful so thankyou! :) deffo loving the look of the Shu Uemera mask...may just have to treat myself! lol! mwah!

Aysh xoxo

Hannah said...

Good review lovely. I have never tried a home mask darling, I always get them done at the hairdressers. I'm tempted to buy some myself, as I have being reading some stunning reviews today. x

Joanna. said...

It's always the expensive products that leave people feeling disappointed! Always makes me think twice about whether splashing the cash is worth it or not :/ x

Miss Jones said...

Thank you! was so in need of a decent hair review.

My blonde locks need some serious maintenance.

Lovely blog!

If you have a mo mosy over to mine for a lil look, im having a giveaway for the festive season. A lil premature but hey ho : D xxx

milkteef said...

Thanks for reviewing this - I was considering buying it! The other week when I got my hair dyed darker I bought a Kerastase mask (Nutri-Thermique) and I've only used it once and yes I too managed to leave some in!! :( so annoying. I was too lazy to wash it out though as my hair takes FOREVER to dry! Will keep at it but glad I didn't bother ordering Elasticizer! If I do it will definitely be the normal one like you said! xx

~All Things Girly~ said...

Do you think it could have been because you left the treatment on for longer than it required to do so?

I find that leave in conditioners tend to leave my barnet a sticky mess instead of a glossy silky feel

ellie walker said...

love your blog :) check out mine-

Ray said...

I've been using the original elaticizer and it has worked wonders on my hair. You're right about having to use just a small amount though. Going to do a review on it soon xxx

Henessy said...

I think the Elasticizer Extreme is more for coarse/curly hair ie ethnic hair such as afro hair and the normal Elasticizer is for all other hair types. I am yet to try it myself but I have heard good things about it. The moisture Extreme range is also great too.

Milly said...

@Leigh - hi there, I use the panasonic lumix tz7 :)
@all things girly - I thought it might be that reason so tried again leaving it on for the suggested time and still was left disappointed...! ho hum .

Thanks for your comments chicks xx

.x.Sarah.x. said...

The Elasticizer Extreme is more for really coarse/afro hair - you would be better off trying the original Elasticizer =] I have used it myself as I have had bleach blonde on/off in my hair and it has worked wonders!

Although something less expensive (and lush smelling) to try would be the Redken Extreme Range...if you'd like a treatment there's the Rescue Force or something you can leave in your hair daily is the Anti-Snap! As a qualified hairdresser I'd recommend either of those products!

I get all my products from a website called - you save a lot on there for products and it's free delivery!

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