Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Vintage for a Vegetarian

After our gallivanting escapades at the Aussie party on Saturday night, there was only one thing on our minds as we arose on Sunday morning, weary-eyed and not-so bushy tailed.
FOOD...or more precisely BRUNCH!

I fully admit I am not a breakfast girl one bit. I can quite happily poodle the morning away in anticipation for lunch, but for once, I was rather excited at the prospect of a mountainous plateful of food, washed down by copious amounts of hot tea.

And to Soho we limped, blistered feet and rumbling tummies, we could not get there quick enough!
We were heading to the Breakfast Club, a highly recommended Brunch-oriented cafe, serving everything from sausage sarnies to piles of pancakes, ladened with cream and berries.

And yes...that was the queue/masses waiting to be seated. In two minds whether to stick it out or grab a cheeky chocolate bar en route to Oxford Street, we decided to be dignified and joined the queue with hopeful anticipation.

Well, I was so thankful we did...

Once inside we were confronted with such welcoming oddities. A wall plastered with polaroids and postcards, and a giant carrot casually hanging from the ceiling.  An old-style specials board was posing in the corner and plastic-covered checked cloths adorned the tables.

And then the food arrived. A veggie fry up, with pancakes and maple syrup on the side! 
Yes please.
It was blissful. Good quality, freshly-made, delivered-with-a-smile food!
I had never really had a fry-up before,  a) because I am vegetarian and b) I am just not that into my breakfasts...but I believe I may have been converted if I could dine like this every morning.

Now, suitably fuelled and watered, we made tracks around the corner and couldn't help but pay homage to Beyond Retro and see what we could forage.
If you haven't heard of Beyond Retro before, they are a stream of vintage clothing stores, stuffed to the rafters of one-off, hand picked garments, often spanning centuries and all harbouring a story to be told.
They are infamous for their tutus, proffering a kaleidoscope of  colours. The stores are so alluring, laced with dusty sentiment and trunks of silken fabrics.

We spent many a moment lingering over the quaint mix of vintage clothing and accessories, wigs and hats, and reverted to school children, trying on the unique and bizarre pieces they had to offer, stifling giggles away from the sale assistants. 

We left empty handed, but solely inspired and went to enjoy the rest of the day in the sunshine, and watch the world go by...

A perfectly poetical and whimsical way to spend a Sunday if I do say so myself.


beautyandthebeast said...

I cant believe you had never had a veggie fry up before! Have you been veggie for long? :)

Sounds like a fab Sunday!


Coco Tai said...

Love your blog so much more now that I know you too are vegetarian [:


LaurenStephanie ♥ said...

I'm a veggie too (:
That fry up looks yummy xx

Catherine said...

yummy! looks delicious :) i just wanted to ask you, how come you haven't made any more youtube videos lately? i really like the ones you have on there and i'd love to see some more!

Alexandra said...

You write so well, if only my blog ever sounded the way yours does. I try to write mine so people could imagine me saying it to them and yours does that maybe i need to add more words like "mate" "G'day" so they know im aussie haha
I love your blog!

trinket box said...

Mmm I love my veggie cooked brekkies! Have you tried veggie bacon before? It's lovely!

LadyBugSays ... said...

That breakfast looks yummy! I think I am going to have to get the Mr to cook pancakes at the weekend!

Milly said...

thanks for your comments ladies.
@beautyandthebeast - i have been a veggie all my life. Have never eaten meat or fish.

@Catherine - i havent planned to make any new youtube videos. I dont think i am very good at them if i'm honest and much prefer blogging - but thank you :)

@trinket box - no, never tried veggie bacon...but i am now intrigued...! :)

Shannon ♥ said...

Ooo that breaky looks yummy! :)

Christina Sanders said...

Yay for veggies! Woop!

I'm a vegetarian too.

Daisy said...

Oh wow, that place looks fab ! I must go there next time I am in London! Oh and beyond retro is fab!

honeylove16 said...

Ahh thats so weird, I've been veggie all my life too! Only 15 now but planning to stay on the green side. Soo much more healthy and there are loads of yummy meat alternatives! Would love to see more blog posts about you! xx

alee*! said...

mmmm the food looks sooo yummyy !

Style Goddesses said...

That fry up looks seriously delicious! Making me very hungry! I really need to go to beyond retro when I'm next in London, looks very exciting! Millie xxx


geisharock said...

can't believe that fry up is veggie! it looks legit :) i'm so bummed that i always miss out on the aussie parties, they always look like SO MUCH FUN. ahhh!! lets hope that they keep holding them after my workload eases up!


Tabitha said...

Oh you are the cool girl that I wanted to be 20 years ago! That cafe looks fab and I can't take my eyes off the breakfast!

Vicki said...

just found your blog, and love your wee profile on girl behind the blog about being magpie like! me too hence why i called my blog magpie girl :) gotta love the sparkle! x

Holly ♥ said...

May have to venture to Soho one day to sample this immense looking breakfast..I reckon you've just given the Breakfast Club a whole new customer base!


Olivia RPS said...

sounds like a pretty perfect day!
and that breakfast just looked amazing! :P
Olivia x

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