Monday, 30 August 2010

Milly meets Mally

Ok, hands up nice and high if you have heard of Mally Beauty?
No, me neither. It was an entirely new brand to me, so when I was approach to give two of their eye products a whirl, after some quick snooping on the internet, ensuring they don't test on animals, which they don't, I was keen to see what this brand had to offer.
The two products I was sent were:

Volumizing Mascara £16

Evercolor Shadow Stick in Bronze £20

I used these two products today for a very quick and simple eye makeup look, and was pleasantly surprised and impressed with both the products, the mascara more so than the eyeshadow stick.

I expected quite a lot from the mascara for £16 and I believe it has earned its price tag commendably. The plush brush wand really grabs each lash and the formulation is thick and doesn't dry too quickly. I often find when applying mascara that by the time I have done one coat on each eye, I want to go back and apply a second coat, but the mascara has already dried, so further application just leads to it looking clumpy and brittle.
But this mascara allowed me to go back and apply a second coat to achieve the lashes below. It is a gorgeous darkest of black colours, and gives the over-the-top false lash effect I yearn for! 

The evercolor shadow stick was quite an experiment for me, as I am an eyeshadow phobe. I just don't use eyeshadows, don't like the powdery nature of them on my eyes and haven't got enough skills or patience to achieve some of the amazing eye looks I see on various blogs.
The shadow stick could be likened to MAC's shadesticks, which I haven't tried so cannot pass a comparison, but I do know they retail at £7 cheaper than the Mally shadow stick.
What I really liked about this product was the creamy, rich formulation and the strong colour payoff I could achieve. It left a lovely shimmery, metallic finish to the eyelid. It felt very soft as I was applying it, and I liked the fact you could easily template where you wanted the shadow to go.
The only let down with this shadow stick was where I had been wearing it all day, it began to crease quite a lot and felt rather drying on my eyes. 
I therefore don't think I would wear this during the day as I would feel conscious of it's lasting power, but for a night out, I think it would be ideal, as I do love the bronzy sheen it gives and it may have converted me to being more daring with my eye makeup!

Mally Beauty products is available here on their website and is also sold via the QVC channel and website.
Let me know what you think.


Louise said...

oo I bought a Mally TSV from QVC I haven't tried it yet though that mascara looks fab x

Louise said...

oo I bought a Mally TSV from QVC I haven't tried it yet though that mascara looks fab x

*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

Never heard of Mally before but the eyeshadow stick looks absolutely gorgeous on you hun! The colour is lovely on you! Maybe if you used a primer underneath like urban decay primer potion, it may not crease & last longer? just a thought!
Great post hun xxx

♔ MW said...

it's by celebrity mua mally roncal
heard about it but ive never tried her stuff before

Laura @ The Beauty Spark said...

I've never heard of Mally, interesting! The bronze colour on you is just lovely! xx

Irene ♥ said...

i've never heard of them either,the products look fab though:)xx

ellamarie84 said...

Wow that mascara looks amazing!

fueledbymanda said...

I've seen Mally on QVC but I've never tried anything from the range. Your eyelashes look amazing and the eyeshadow is a nice colour so I'll give the brand a look :) xx

P.s are you wearing concealer in the pics or are u just blessed with no dark circles?!

Tabitha Bluebell said...

That mascara looks you have long lashes naturally?

T x

tracymiami said...

Hey sweetie

Mally is fab. I watch her on QVC all the time (i am such a geek lol). Check out the QVC website for videos.

She is so over the top and fun. Wicked packaging to....

t xxx

The Fashion Teller said...

Mally...hmm never heard of it! Love the look you have done on your eyes hun xxx

Dreams That Glitter said...

Wow! Your lashes look just gorgeous! So full of volume and it looks super pigmented.


laurenrhiannon said...

Packaging looks quite cute. Simple.
Mascara looks fabby on you! :) x

Christina Sanders said...

Wow -that mascara looks great - i am really fussy about mascara. I love Mac Zoom lash, but so far that is the only one that will do for me. I've even tried the YSL falsh lash effect and didn't really rate it.

This looks great though - one to try for sure.

Christina x

Sherrie said...

I have heard of this but only as of a couple days ago when I was having a nosey on the QVC site.
And also to my suprise I didnt realise they stocked Laura Geller also ;) x

DebDobDoorNob said...

I've never heard of mally either. The mascara looks fab!! The bronze eyeshadow is an amazing colour but I find products like this tend to crease really quickly too so I am always put off!
Great post! xxx

Abbie said...

ooo them look gorgeous!!xx

Susan said...

I had never heard of Mally Beauty before either... but my, oh my is that an amazing mascara. I will have to check that out (come pay day of course). The look you did is stunning, yet simple!! Love it xxx

Kerrymarie said...

that colour shadow looks amazing on you! Boo for the not long lasting power though! :( You get your mascara so neat, mine ends up all over my eyeshadow no matter how careful i am! xx

JULIA said...

Your eyes look amazing!

Not heard of the brand before, but it looks so great!

Lola said...

Thr mascara looks fab! Will have to check them out.
Lola x

Milly said...

Hey gals
Thank you for all your comments. I am pleased to hear some of you have heard of this product through QVC. I never watch this channel so was blind to this brand.
A few of your comments answered:
@Louise - oooh fab, definitely give it a go hun and let me know how you ger on with their other products.
@Sinead - hey lovely, thank you for commenting and yes, I think you make a good point. I didn't use any primer before applying the shadow stick so I am going to give it another whirl with the UDPP underneath and fingers crossed for less creasing. Thank you chick :)x
@fueledbymanda - hey hun, thanks for commenting. hehe, I am quite lucky and don't suffer from dark circles too badly so only have my MAC foundation on here!
@tabitha bluebell - hey lovely, my lashes are quite normal I'd say. They aren't stumpy little things but do benefit from volumising mascaras a lot!

Milly said...

@tracymiami - aw thanks hun, I shall check them out.
@thefashionteller - thank you darling :)
@dreams that glitter - thank you honey, I really rate the mascara in terms of its pigmentation.
@laurenrhiannon - thank you chicken for reading and commenting :) x
@christina sanders - thanks for commenting hun. I too am quite fussy and have quite high standards, but was really impressed by this mascara and would definitely repurchase!
@susan - thank you cherub, definitely check it out. :)
@kerrymarie - thank you babes!
@julia - thanks! :)

Café Bellini said...

Never heard of this but I'm impressed with the mascara. My current favourite is Chanel's Inimitable Intense!

Milly said...

@Lola - thank you for reading and commenting! The mascara gets my thumbs up!
@DebDobDoorNob - thank you!
@Abbie - thanks lovely.
@Sherrie - yeh, I too was surprised by the vast array of things the QVC site stocked!
@ellamarie84 - thank you for your comment :)
@Irene - thanks sweetie
@Laura @the beauty spark - thanks lovely for reading and commenting :) x
@MW - oooh, I never realised. Thanks for the info :)

Milly said...

@Cafe Bellini - yes the mascara impressed me greatly. Oooh, never tried a Chanel mascara before, thanks for the heads up :) x

Fern said...

what amazing lashes you have! xx

Sara Louise said...

thanks for introducing me to this brand

nicoletta said...

Ive seen mally on QVC before but not tried it. The mascara looks fantastic xx

Fashion Chalet said...

Lovely blog!! :)


lenny said...

Hello beautiful!
Never heard of the brand before, but I think I'll have to have a nosey now :) I won't wear shadesticks of cream eyeshadows as they don't stay on for me even with a primer! xx

Fé... said...

Gorgeous mascara and eye shadow result. I've never heard of the brand Mally before, and I don't think it's available here in Indonesia. But if the result is that good, I would certainly have to check it out. This is a nice post!

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