Monday, 23 August 2010

Festival Fashion and Fun

As many of you may have been aware, this weekend, my fellow groupies and myself descended upon the V music festival which is a mere hop, skip and a jump away from my abode, for a weekend of music-watching, cider-drinking, dad-dancing, fun, mud and noodles!
To say I had fun would be an understatement, it was a fabulous weekend spent with chums.
I took a few snaps, naturally, because I thought it would be nice to compile my festival fashion over the two days and I have also thrown in some other random pics for your amusement.


Short cowboy boots - River Island
Lace ankle socks (just seen) - Miss Selfridge
Denim shorts - H&M
Skinny belt - H&M
Lace top - H&M
Bangles - Accessorize
Earrings - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - River Island
Flower headband - Miss Selfridge

Hair - just messily pinned up as per...

Sunnies - Jackie O inspired Ray Bans.
Tipple of the day - Bacardi Breezers - classy!

Geekily excited about the day's festivities!!


Boots, shorts, jewellery as before
Denim shirt - Topshop
Vest top - H&M
Headscarf - Accessorize
MAC St Germain lippie...

Claire and I ready to rock! :)

Oh hello MAC tent!! :)

So there we have it lovers, my V weekend in a nutshell. 
It was truly spectacular with some fierce acts performing - my particular favs were:-
Florence, Calvin Harris, Jamie T, Kings of Leon and Prodigy!!

Let me know what you think chicks, and have any of you attended any festivals this year?


Charlotte said...

Great post milly! Looks like you had an amazing time! Me and my friends are hoping to go to V next year! x

Aqsa said...

I love your outfits for both of they days! xxx

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Omg you look divine!!!!!
Love it!

Peachykeen said...

loove the ankle boots!! who knows may see you next year if we both go =p xx

Nicola said...

Oh my word you look amazing! Totally put me to shame, I looked like a total tramp at the festys I went to this year, mud in hair and everything ha ha! xx

Abbie said...

Oh my god! A MAC tent hhahaha!
You look lovely :D
Aren't prodigy amazing live seen them a few years ago and was blown away! xx

Steph0188 said...

Lovely post hunny :) You'll get bored of how I keep telling you you look lovely, but you honestly do. I'm not just saying it! You rock the second outfit amazingly, its like hippie chick with a difference. Im loving that pink wallpaper too :)
Yay for the Mac tent, but that was a lovely suprise!
mucho love xxx

GoldenGlow said...

Aw you look great, I love your outfits! I wish I'd gone to a festival now! xx

maxinecassidy said...

gorgeous! and your wallpaper is amazing... trust me to notice the wallpaper ha x x

Phoebe said...

Were you camping?! I look like such a scruff when I camp at festivals, you managed to look so glam!
I went to V in 08 and loved the atmosphere there

LaurenStephanie ♥ said...

Wow, every outfit is so pretty! espesh the lace top one (:
What lippie are you sporting on the first outfit with the white lace top? looks fab xx

Aimee said...

you look amazing! im glad the rain held out :P
im going to Leeds festival this weekend... and your photos have definitely put me in the mood.. cant wait!

i had no idea MAC wold make an appearance at something like V! love it! did you get to try out anything there, like were they promoting any stuff? or were they just there literally for people to make a little purchase or two?

:) X

Fashionistable said...

The best festival look ever. Xxx

Lulu said...

watched V on the tv this year, seriously looked so good!!! i love these head pieces also :D x

xWHLo said...

Aw you looked so pretttyy <3 haha random, a mac tent!!

Hope you had fun =D

HC! said...

i'm jealous that you got to see kings of leon. your festival outfits are absolutely fabulous though!
Haute Californian

Holly GoLightly said...

love it!!!!!!! :)

abbzzw said...

this is lovely :) you look gorgeous, i especially love the second outfit. and a mac tent! .. how awesome! xx

Sarah said...

I went to Stafford for V fest on the weekend! It was my first ever festival and I loved it - esp being vegetarian because the food is lush! Jason Derulo was good, although they needed to turn the volume up on his voice and turn the bass down a bit - he got a girl up on stage and sang to her *sighs* lol x

Kel said...

You are lucky you are able to pop home from the fest! :)
Great outfits both days, love Sunday's though.

And Claire looks fab also.


Glitter and Love said...

Youa re so lucky being able to go home after a festival and get ready in a nice place :)

Getting ready in a tent can only achieve one thing - absolute mess hehe!

Glad you had fun huni, you look fabullllous xx

Milly said...

Hey chickadees
Thank you ALL for your darling comments.
@Peachykeen - I am def going again next year so fingers crossed we might see each other!
@Nicola - haha, sure you do NOT look like a tramp honeybee. I wasn't camping hence the mud-free hair.
@Abbie - YES Prodigy were AMAZING! Blew me away too! Loved them!
@Steph0188 - you are too sweet, thank you. <3 you xx
@Phoebe - ooooh no, i do not do camping. I can just walk home so I got the comforts of a warm bed and a nice cuppa in the morning. trust me, I would look a state if I camped! Yeh, the atmosphere at V is grand. Very relaxed and happy! :) xx

Milly said...

@LaurenStephanie - Thank you girlie. I have MAC's Myth on in my first post :) x
@Aimee - oooh, have an amazing time at Leeds hun. Bet it will be fab. The MAC tent was literally a store, with all the products to purchase and makeup artists working their magic! Was a real treat to discover it.
@Fashionistable - thank you lovely :)
@Charlotte - you and your friends should definitely go next year. You will love it :)
@Aqsa & Giddy Princess - thank you so much sweetie pies x

Milly said...

@GoldenGlow - you def need to go to a festival. My Summer isn't complete with some fest fashion and fun :)
@Maxine Cassidy - thank you lovely, i love pretty wallpaper x
@LuLu - thank you lovely. i want to go and watch the highlights now and relive it :)
@xWHLo - thank you honey
@HC! Thank you - the KoL totally rocked!! :)
@Holly GoLightly - thank you very much! :)
@abbzzw - hey sweetie, thank you for your comment. We did squeal a bit when we saw the MAC tent! lol!

Milly said...

@Sarah - i totally agree, being a veggie is great as they is soooo much yummy choice at festivals. I had some mexican, a veggie burger and a banana and nutella toasty! nom!
@Kel - thank you for commenting lovely. Yes, it is bliss to be able to walk home and have a nice bed and hot shower in the morning! Don't think i could handle it if I had to camp! ugh!
@Glitter and Love - aw thank you for your lovely comment. Ugh, i just don't do tents, i would cry. It is fab to be able to walk home and get ready in the morning with hot water and no mud in sight! :) x

Holly said...

beautiful! you look perfect as always (:

hebeflora said...

absolutely love your outfits! they are seriously gorgey ;)

what happens inside the MAC tent? never knew they had a tent at Vfestival!

looks like you had a great time :)
x x x

Milly said...

@Holly - thanks girlie
@hebeflora - thanks for your comment. The tent was just like a mobile store so you could shop and get your makeup done! fab! xx

Lauren Ellingham said...

Extremely glamorous for a festival! I've got reading this weekend and think I'll be ending up in a much much worse state! Love the blog x

Gemma said...

The 2nd outfit has to be the favourite for me, i just simply love the headscarf :)

Laura @ The Beauty Spark said...

Those boots are such a cute alternative to wellies! xx

Abi Rose said...

i went to the stafford V this weekend, did not manage to look as good as you though, kings of leon were amazing!

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

As if there was a MAC test at V Fest! hehe ..

I have to admit i'm a wuss and have never been to a fesitval for fear of camping out!

You look absolutley stnning though my darling, as ever!

Hope you had a fabby weekend :) xx

Michelle Chai. said...

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog firstly Milly! You're too sweet! Love your outfits as per usual, and that up-do! May I join the many others in requesting a video tutorial of this beauty?! x

Milly said...

@Lauren Ellingham - wow, have fun at reading. Thanks for following and allowing me to discover your blog too! it's fab :)
@Gemma - thank you lovely, there is a lot of love for the headscarf!
@Abi Rose - aw thank you. Yeh the KoL rocked!! :) Love it. x
@Laura haha, as if!!! Nooo really there was! :) it was amazeee. you need to embrace a festival hun, you'll love it. x
@Michelle More than welcome sugar pie. :) Thank you for your comment. Yes, i really must get around to doing that tut :) xx

Stolen Thunder said...

I am completely in love with your cowboy boots!

Looking lovely in both your outfits. Looks like you had a fabby time! Muchos jealous of the MAC tent!!

Jen xx

Belle xx said...

you look gorgeous, even at a festival
those boots are fabulous
oh and just to let you know, i've got a little vintage giveaway on my blog, if you're interested
belle xxxxx

Glam and Glitter said...

amazing festival outfits Milly, I love them so much, and you look so pretty in the pics, now i wanna go to a festival lol xxx

x.abigail said...

I love how you've done you hair, and the accessorize headband is gorgeous!

Milly said...

thank you girlies for your precious comments :) Means a lot that you take the time to read and comment on my posts :) xx

LadyBugSays ... said...

Love your festival looks, especially your hair!!

Alexandra said...

And this is why i dont got to festivals. You dress far to cool for me! haha
You can find MAC anywhere and everywhere.

Alice's Wardrobe said...

I LOVE your boots, how did they survive the festival test? xx

Milly said...

@Alice's Wardrobe - Aw thanks chick, they survived surprisingly well. Just a little rinse and scrub and they were as good as new! :) x

Victoria said...

Great post - nice to see all your lovely outfits. Very summery and festival-y! Looks like a great trip. xx

Southerners from the North said...

Great outfits...TOTALLY wish i went to a festival this year... :-( oh well there's always next year.

I have to say I especially love the flower headband and the love necklace.

Btw the coral lipstick from a few posts back. GORGE!

check out my blog and if you like it, i would appreciate a follow.


Sherrie said...

Love your fashion style :)

Sher x

Aims said...

awww you look lovely! I loved V too, amazing weekeend but my festival attire consisted of shorts wellies and my boyfriends hoodie haha.

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